“I’m just the little girl…”

People have asked what our kids have to say about our adoption plans. Their responses have been interesting — and encouraging. Our oldest (age 19) will probably be least affected, since she is at college and only comes home weekends. But she’s thrilled, and told me she can’t wait to start telling people she is the oldest of ten.

Our second daughter, age 17, shares a room with our college daughter, and has seemed to be enjoying the quiet in her room these days. That’s why she touched my heart when she told me she’d be glad to have a new child in her room. Her only request was that it be an older girl. I knew she’d welcome another child into our home, but I didn’t expect her to offer her own bedroom.

Our 12 and 15 year old sons are perhaps the most low-key about this. “Sounds fun,” shrugged the 12 year old. “As long as they don’t share our room,” was my 15 year old’s smiling response. No chance of that. Their room has an awesome view and is one of my favorite rooms in the house, but it totals 100 square feet — counting the square footage where the ceiling slopes over the foot of each of their beds.

Our 8 and 9 year old sons are campaigning for a boy to go in their room with them. They think dad should make them a triple bunk bed, and say they will share their Legos. But they agreed that even a girl would be nice to play soccer with.

Our two year old is a little young to understand what we’re contemplating. But I am sure she’ll be fine with it, especially since she gets to stay the ‘baby’ AND she’ll have even more people doting over her.

Our four year old is the only kid who really has a room of her own right now. You’d think she might enjoy that special privilege. Nope. She hates it. Almost every night she complains about the desperate loneliness of her night life. Nevermind that two brothers sleep exactly 16 feet away, and mom, dad, and baby sis sleep 18 feet the other direction. She’s alone and she doesn’t like it. This evening when I was tucking her in, she sobbed, with her trademark flair for the dramatic, “I’m just the little girl who sleeps all alone.” (I think she was a mite overtired.)

She is utterly delighted with the idea of a new sister to share her space. “Then I won’t have to be so lonely!” she sighs contentedly.

Yup. I’m guessing there may be a moment or two down the road when she thinks wistfully back to the time when she had a bedroom all to herself. But for now we’ll enjoy her enthusiasm –and all our children’s enthusiasm– for sharing their rooms and their lives with another child or two.

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  1. Bless her heart! One of my boys is also a “little boy who sleeps all alone” so I understand the dramatic night lonlieness! 😉

    I can’t wait to hear more as the adoption moves forward!

  2. So exciting, Mary! You are truly blessed.

  3. You have such sweet kids. I’m so excited about your new adoption. Hope everything goes smoothly.

  4. Poor little Olivia Twist…

  5. I’m going to start discussions with my husband about adopting from Haiti. It can’t come to fruition for another year or two, but we know from experience to think/plan ahead.

    My kids love the idea. They were the ones to bring it up first. My son’s first response is, “Can it be a boy???” My daughters always take the orphanage newsletters and circle the kids they want to adopt (never less than about A DOZEN! ha!).

    There are always difficult issues and situations when you add a child, but their enthusiasm still exists.

  6. It’s interesting to read about your children’s reactions to this up-coming situation. You are so brave, to tackle that many children!

  7. Our daughter (only girl among four brothers) had the same complaint – “I’m the only one who sleeps alone…”

    Your kids have sweet, generous attitudes. Those little ones on the way are very blessed to join your family.

  8. Aw, such sweetness.

  9. LOL! Soooo are you bringing home girls? 🙂

  10. Awesome. Reminds me of the time we tried to give our eldest her own room. She hated it! Could not sleep without the snoring of the two other sisters she had always shared with.

    How wonderful that the empty places adoption fills are not just one way.

  11. What a neat testimony to your parenting. You are raising loving, generous children. We look forward to welcoming your new addition(s). [:-)

    Love, Rachel

  12. Very sweet.

    When we brought our two girls home from Haiti, the only place for them to go in our three bedroom home was in with our eldest daughter who had never shared a room before in her 8 years on this earth.

    She has never once complained. Not once.


  13. Oh how sweet loved hearing their thoughtful responses. Praying your adoption journey goes smooth these precious children you are adopting will be so blessed to come home to such a loving family:) God Bless

  14. …….or three =D

  15. I love this! It sounds like you’ve picked a particular sibling group off the waiting child list?

  16. she is a hoot! adorable story.

  17. As a young girl I was the lonely one. In middle school I begged to move into my older sisters room. I did. She was not thrilled. It had it’s moments of joy. Needless to say when they all left the house and I got my own room again, it was very welcomed.

  18. What sweet, generous children you have raised! I especially love how your oldest daughter is excited to tell people’s she’s the oldest of 10!

  19. I just love reading about your family. You’ve truly been blessed to have such wonderful and grateful children! I think it’s so awesome that you’re bringing in more children and raising them this same way!