Bono on Idol

In honor of the special ONE fundraising campaign that will be featured on American Idol both tonight and tomorrow night, I’m giving away a free copy of Bono’s book On The Move.

To enter the drawing, just make a comment sometime between now and Friday evening, telling me how long you’ve been reading this blog. If you read my Ethiopia blog, you’ll see I’m giving away a copy of the book over there too. Yep, I have two books to give away. And yep, it’s perfectly fine to enter the drawing both places. (If I happen to draw your name both places, I’ll just draw another name for the second book.)

Here’s one last bonus: if you mention this giveaway on your blog, I’ll enter you into the drawing twice (Just be sure to tell me that you have mentioned it on your blog.) The ONE campaign is an awesome thing for Africa, and this book is an inspiring look at why we all should think about doing more for the poverty-stricken people in this world.

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  1. Here I am…entering for a second time. I also posted a link here from my Blog.

  2. Hi Mary! I don’t remember when I found you, but it was early on in my blogging days. Let’s say nearly a year ago. I’ve never entered to win one of your giveaways before as I couldn’t make you pay shipping to Africa. BUT, I really want this book, so I’m making an exception. If you draw my name, I promise to give you a US address to keep it cheap.
    Keep up the good work! I’m waiting on YOUR book.

  3. Oh shoot! I forgot to say that I’ve only been reading this blog for about 6 months. 🙂

  4. I am also entering for a second time. I have been reading this blog for about two months. I appreciate the writing and the honesty. Keep up the good work!


  5. Hmm, ever since you felt “duty bound to point out that there was a gap in my sideline between L nd P and, look at that! Owlhaven would fit perfectly!” When was that? Sometime around March 18th, 2006. Aw! We’ve been together for more than a year now! Hugs!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi Mary-

    I’ve been reading your blog since the larger families blog was featured in an article about the larger families on I think you’re a great inspiration, both as a person who loves children and as a person who love God.

  7. I’m trying to figure out when you started your blog, because I think I have been reading it from the beginning. Dec 05 or Jan 06, I think??

  8. Hi Mary,
    I added information about your giveaway on my blog!

    I’ve been reading this blog and your Ethiopia Adopt blog for about 6 months now.

  9. I’ve been reading for aaaages (since fairly soon after you started writing here) but I don’t comment often. I’ve been lured out by the possibiliby of free books!

  10. Hi Mary,
    I’ve been reading your blog for hmmm….about 6 months now? I would love to win this book, so you drew me out of lurkdom. 😉 I will link back here when I post tomorrow, but the post I have on my blog today needs to stay there for the rest of the day (we’re trying to get medical help for two young babies in Haiti). Tomorrow though, you’ll get my link as this is another important cause I want to see promoted. 🙂

  11. I started reading your ethiopia blog about a year ago, and about a week after I started to read this blog.

    I also mentioned this on my blog.


  12. I’ve been reading for about 4 months, I think. I’m posting about this on my blog as well. Thanks!

  13. I’ve been reading for about 6 months as well (I think.)

  14. I started reading your blog last summer, and it’s one of the reasons I started blogging myself, though not nearly as well (or as frequently)! I will do my best to post a link on my blog tonight, if I can figure out how, and it doesn’t take all night (gee, dial up stinks!). 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness…it seems like I’ve “known” you forever! I’ve been blogging for more than a year and I first stopped by (and kept coming back) soon after, so…close to a year.

  16. Ohh, something free, and a book no less 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now. Can’t even remember how I found it but I’m glad I did!

  17. i became aware of your blog during your 30 days of nothing and have been hooked ever since! 🙂
    i am also a fan of Bono’s work in the ONE campaign. thanks for spreading the love via these book giveaways.

  18. Mary, I love reading your blog! I think I’ve been reading for about a year (it could be more). You give me (a mom of two with one more on the way) wonderful perspective and humor each day. Thanks for your writing!

  19. Hi Mary! I’m relatively new to your blog – I’ve only been reading for about 3 months. But ever since I’ve discovered you, this blog has become one of my daily reads. I enjoy your Ethiopia Adoption blog as well. I’d like to adopt again someday, and that is one of the countries that captures my interest.

    Anyway, I’m also a fan of Bono and greatly admire the work he does to help people all over the world. It’s great when someone uses their celebrity status to help a good cause.

  20. been reading this blog since feb/march of 2006! and am prez of your fan club ya know…
    also – i was just going to e-mail you about your thoughts on the show and the whole ide of the special program.

  21. I just posted a link here from my blog! This book looks amazing and anything I can do to create more awareness of the need in Africa is wonderful!

  22. I’ve discovered your blog when you did the “I am from” prompt the first time, about a year ago. Been reading since!

  23. Beckster says:

    Hi Mary, I am new to your blog. Found you thru a link at Praying Them Home blog. Glad I found You.

  24. Hi Mary,
    New here! Know you through some of my Yahoo groups, most recently ANBAfrica. Found out about the drawing at 7812 Miles (Chanda’s blog). Double entering and put you on my blog! Wahoo! Got my finger’s crossed. At least if you pick me, you’ll save on shipping! Hee hee!

  25. I found your blog when Larger Families started I *think*.

  26. Hi Mary,

    Learned about the giveaway from a blog that I read TODAY at and figured I’d come see what all the fuss is about. Although this is my first visit to your site, it looks like I’ll be reading via RSS feeds for as long as I can…I’m headed off to Liberia to work for a year with malnourished kids & their moms–hopefully leaving in mid to late May. Who knows what my internet/email situation will REALLY be when I get there.

    A couple of my pastors are huge U2 fans.


  27. Collin Udell says:

    I would like to enter your Bono book giveaway, but also this is a great chance to tell you that I enjoy your blog every day. I am the mom to a son from Vietnam and a daughter from China, and you are an inspiration 🙂

  28. I’ve heard great things about this book. I started reading your blog about a year ago when Cindy gave me the link!

  29. Slightly less than the time I was reading your Ethiopian blog, so lets say 8 months.

    I’ll put a link to both contests in my Friday Web Round Up.

  30. Where have I been? I just linked to your blog from another favorite blog of mine and I can’t wait to start reading. I am the mama of two precious children born and adopted in Guatemala and am considering homeschooling!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


  31. Michelle says:

    I read Rae Wilson’s blog because we are both adopting from Liberia through the same agency. So, that’s how I got here, but I intend to come back- it looks like some great reading! I keep tabs on the ONE campaign and take part in their efforts. This is a great way to spread the word! Thanks for doing it.

  32. I’ve got ya’ on my blog now! 🙂

  33. I’ve been reading Owlhaven since at least “What’s With the Owl” . . . and apparently I’ve been reading the Ethiopia Adoption Blog longer than I though, ’cause I came here from there!

    And, oh yes, your giveaway IS mentioned at my place!

  34. Oh! I love Bono!

    I think I have been reading you for almost a year now. Or as long as we have been blogging on Larger Families.

    Cool idea!

  35. I think I’ve been reading you for about 9 months now. I found you through April Showers. You were one of the very first blogs I started reading, along with Notes From the Trenches and April Showers (of course!). April’s one of my dearest friends in person.

  36. Hey!
    I’d love to get to read this book. I appreciated the you tube link to Bono’s acceptance speech that you shared a few weeks ago. As for how long I’ve been reading…probably well over a year. I’ve really lost track!

    I’ll be mentioning this on my blog as well as my baby boutique blog


  37. I have been reading this blog when we have Internet for the last yearish I found you from Chris @ notes from the trenches.

    Africa lives in my heart in a way I can’t explaine it just does.

  38. Hi Mary,

    I have been reading since I started my own blog and you stopped by to say hello – about 2 months ago. I didn’t really get the blog thing until I decided to try one for our next adoption. I love reading about your beautiful family!


  39. I just found you a couple of weeks ago. I am new with the blog thing and am amazed at the wonderful people out there! I love reading about your family.

  40. Hey, there, i just found your blog today! I am absolutely in love with Bono and the One campaign; American Idol last night was phenomenal in spreading the word. Sign me up for his book! Thank you!!!

  41. Sign me up for the book, please, Mary! ;D

  42. Bono and the One campaign rock! This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been a faithful reader for about 5 months.

  43. Bono and the One campaign rock! This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been a faithful reader for about 5 months. And I put a link to this on my blog.

  44. I started reading your site a few weeks ago after you made a comment on momentsofclaritybygretchen.

    I’d love to read the book but am all too skeptical that people will think that reading it completes any obligation to help the people of Africa (or anywhere else). Anyone can sit and watch Oprah or buy a shirt but living with a sense of responsibility for one another is the real challenge. Still, I guess people can’t act without being first aware.

    I did make mention of it on my site –


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