Sunshine on my heart




Most of the family has been building sand castles for an hour, but I’ve been waiting to walk down from the beach house until the two year old woke from her nap. Once she awakes, yawning, we pull on our sand shoes, and walk down the steep tree-root-filled trail to the beach. The roar of waves grows louder. We come out of the trees to open sunshine and a forever horizon.

“Where’s Daddy? Where’s kids?” asks the two year old, scanning.

I don’t spot them till we get out past a rocky outcrop. “Look!” I call to my two year old, pointing.

She looks, spots them, and starts running. As she starts running, my 15 year old son turns and spots us coming. He calls my toddler’s name and kneels down, arms stretched wide to welcome her.

Grinning, she runs across the beach and into his arms for an enveloping hug.

And I have another precious golden moment to tuck into the storehouse in my heart.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that…sooooo sweet! I love to hear stories like that.

  2. Awww! That’s the best! What breaks my heart is when my little ones are so excited to see the big one when he gets home, and he doesn’t react to their hugs. Not on purpose, he just has a one track mind and sometimes doesn’t notice.

  3. adorable and a testement to you as a mom. what great kids. what a great family.

  4. What a perfectly sweet moment.

  5. VERY SWEET =)
    Looking forwrd to some pics!!


  6. I love that your older kids are so tender toward your younger ones!

  7. That actually made me cry. At work. How soppy am I? And how desperate for some babies of my own…

  8. so precious! and how wonderful for your big kids that they have little ones to love 🙂

  9. That is so sweet! THAT makes me want to adopt more kids forever and ever!

  10. Looooove those moents of enthusiastic affection between siblings! How sweet.