What privacy?

The potty training? It’s going well. Not counting bedtime, she’s had two potty accidents in the past week, and she’s even figuring out the #2 about 80% of the time. Hooray! Of course we’ve been cheering her on and making a big deal of her successes.

Maybe too big a deal.

Now I need to figure out how to break her of her habit of joyously screeching, “You went!” every time I avail myself of the facilities. Not such a big deal at home, but it gets a mite embarrassing shouted in public restrooms all over town.


  1. I remember that very well with my daughter, too. She would offer to “hold my leg” in public restrooms in order to comfort me, since she figured I must share her uneasy-ness about noisy, public toilets. Then when I “went”, she would gasp in excitement and exclaim “good job, mommy!”

  2. Good job!
    We went out and bought some Easter Jelly Beans for our potty training efforts and I put it in a fun little dispenser container so our little guy will know the reward is right there for when he goes.
    Another success again just now before naptime. Pee, not poop, but I’m excited anyhow.
    Keep up the good work.
    Oh, and when did you switch to the cloth undies vs. diapers?

  3. Ha ha ha! I remember having 3 kids in a public restroom all under the age of 3 and the oldest telling me what a “big girl” I was for using the big potty! Then he proceeded to shower me with applause- just to make it super embarrassing. I could hear ladies laughing in the other stalls! Bear in mind also that this was a child who we’ve all called Little Big Voice since he was an infant. Good times, good times! Makes me smile just remembering it.

  4. Luke insisted that I get an M&M every time I went! Therefore, I blame my weight on him! 🙂

  5. This reminds me of potty training days with my first…I remember being in a public stall with 3 kids all under the age of 3 and my oldest (whom we’ve called Little Big Voice since birth) hollering as I used the potty “Yay Mommy, what a biiiiiiig giiiiirrrrl!” This announcement was followed by his enthusiastic applause which (of course) brought laughter from the ladies in the other stalls! Good times, good times. Makes me smile just thinking about it. :0)


  7. there HAS to be a book written about the funny things kids say to their parents in public restrooms. 🙂 maybe mommy bloggers world-wide can collaborate on one!

  8. There is nothing like having a cheering section in a public restroom.

  9. yah mommie you did it!!
    my son isn’t going as “well”… the surprise between my toes tonight made me reconsider pulling his diaper off before kindergarten….

  10. i have this to look forward to very soon…

  11. Yabsera is just fascinated by the potty…alarmingly so…I was hoping our nanny- who is from Ethiopia- would think she should train him early- but then again she raised three girls….

  12. “Now I need to figure out how to break her of her habit of joyously screeching, ‘You went!’ every time I avail myself of the facilities.”

    Good luck. My kiddo gives me a hearty “Good one!” every time I do anything bodily function-related. Ahem. ;^)

  13. Too funny! My kiddos have been saying “Good job, Mommy!!!” for quite sometime when I go potty b/c we’ve done that for THEM for quite sometime when they potty ; ) It’s quite humorous out in public restrooms!!! : ) I don’t think I’ve shared with you (not sure if you read my blog) but Samuel is FINALLY doing it!!!!! He’s been potty training for about 3 wks now, and with about 4 “accidents” total! Ummmmm….not including bedtime….we’re not working on that one for awhile b/c of his seizure meds! : )

    SO glad the potty training is going well! Keziah is your babies age : ) She’s next, and definitely READY, but Samuel struggles with the competition, so we’re taking one by one! : )

  14. More embarrassing than hearing your newly potty trained son yell, “Mommy! Wipe me! Poopy!” when you have company over…or waddle out of the restaurant restroom with a wad of toilet paper in his hands and his pants down……you get the picture….

  15. After our first week of potty training I can totally see this – he already says “yeah Mommy” at home. And asks if I went #1 and/or #2 (not in numbers but wonderful toddler words) – this is going to get interesting!!!!