Faith Lifts/ The Ultimate Blog Party

I’ve begun blogging once a month over at Faith Lifts. Along with devotions, they have just begun a series of practical articles dealing with family living. I’ll be writing about parenting, and my post that should be up later today shares hints for beginning the habit of family devotions.

Also I wanted to mention the Blog Party going on at the sister site to Faith Lifts, 5 Minutes for Mom. They have quite a shindig going, with prizes and everything! An insane number of people have already signed up, but the prize list is huge. So go sign up, and do some blog-visiting. You may even find a few new favorites!

Speaking of visiting, thanks to the new visitors who’ve been stopping by. If you want a taste of the best of my writing, click on the “My Best Stuff” tab at the tippy top of the page!!


  1. Hello! Nice to meet you. I just came over form the party to check out your blog! Huggles!

  2. Hiya! Nice to meet you! I am going to browse your blog now…


  3. Glad you joined the party, too! Come on over & check out my fun Bump! Photo Tag going on! Hope you’d like to play along and post your favorite pregnant belly pic! (And we also want to see expectant adoptive parent photos, too!!)


  4. Poppin’ in to say Hi from the Party!


  5. Stopping in from the party. Can’t wait to check you out at Faith Lifts as well! Great blog you have. 🙂

  6. Swinging in for the party. Nice to meet ya.

    My 3rd party favor give away has begun. If ya get a chance come on over.

    PARTY ON!!!!

  7. Well I’m not new but I’m saying “Hi” anyway! :vD

  8. Hi! Parker and are are here for the party!

    I’m also the new blogger for the frugal living part of the new Faith Lifts! I LOVE it!

  9. I’m party hopping today and I saw your name! Thanks for your warm hospitality, and maybe we’ll cross paths at Faith Lifts too.
    Hugs ‘n prayers, e-Mom

  10. So thrilled that you have joined us at Faith Lifts!!!

    Thanks for mentioning our party – it has gotten a little out of control hasn’t it? I hope no one calls the police!

  11. Hi there! Nice to meet you via the blog party. This is such a neat way to meet lots of other bloggin’ ladies. Hope you’re having fun! 😀

  12. WOW! What a life you have! You are one amazing woman!! My husband and I would love love love to adopt one day. I may need your guidance! Best to you on your continued journey as a mommy. And happy partying! 🙂

  13. Hey!
    Of course I come here pretty often anyhow, but had to pop by during the party. 😉

    You may want to come by my baby boutique blog because I’m getting ready to have a bunch of fun freebies and sales later this month.

  14. I’m glad you joined the party, I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now. I do enjoy peaking in on a mother with such a big heart!!

    Have fun partying!!

  15. Just dropping by on the party circuit to say Hi from England.

  16. Making party rounds this last day. I have read your blog frequently and love it. As an adoptive and biological mom, I relate well to what you have to say.:)