still sick. and sick of it.

Have been achy and nauseous four days now, and I’m darned sick of it. Not only did I miss church, but three kids and I are missing the big blowout Super Bowl Party at my brother’s house tonight. The brother who has a new baby I’d love to be cooing over. But instead, we sit here. Sick.

My 8 year old made a list of what we would be doing while the rest of the family is partying. On it he wrote the following words:
“Cry” (listed 17 times– a joking reference to my comment about using a whole box of Kleenex while the others were away.)
‘”puke” (once)
“Play Phase 10” (once)

The list made us both smile.

He then brought it up to my 16 year old so she could make additions. She promptly and sourly crossed “Puke” off the list, then returned the list to him.

We have done none of the items on his list. Instead we have eaten more saltines and lemon lime (ugh). We’ve watched Shrek, and now “March Of The Penguins”. And I’ve tried to occupy the two year old while moving as little of my body as possible. She, in turn, has been rowdy as all get-out, repeatedly body-slamming me, jumping on my stomach, playing with my hair, and trying to kiss me on the lips (thus ensuring that I will be dealing with her sick stomach when/if I ever recover from my own).

Bright side: I’ve lost 2 pounds in 4 days, and probably saved myself a cool thousand calories by not going to the Super Bowl party.

However, as soon as I get over this wretched bug, I am MAKING my favorite Artichoke Dip and ENJOYING it. So there.

Thus ends this cranky post.


  1. Sorry you guys are still down and out! Leave it to you to find the “silver” lining- weight loss- feel better so!

  2. Just looked at the recipe… please tell me that you DO NOT make home made mayo! My self esteem just can’t take it! 🙂

  3. Hee-hee, last time I had the flu I remember occupying my little girls (both 18 months old at the time) with one of those laser pointers. I ran it across the floor, up the wall, onto their little toes, up on the couch — and they chased it everywhere! Adding to the fun was when the dog got into the act and chased the glowing red dot furiously, causing the girls to giggle like crazy. I didn’t have to move a bit, and they were entertained.

    Don’t think your 8-year-old would appreciate that, though. 🙂

  4. Ewww, I feel ya. My 6 year old has been feelin’ like that (and poopin’ and pukin’) for 5 freakin’ days! So, yes, I will also be making super bowl party foods next weekend so that I can enjoy my own little party since I was stuck home gettin’ puked on.

  5. When I had the stomach flu over the past two months I remember just wanting to eat so badly. And thinking of how clearly it made me remember how it felt to be pregnant all those barfy months. (and at least it wasn’t for 9 months)…
    And don’t worry, it will pass.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. oh, no, Mary!

    I had a nasty virus last weekend – it had gone around the family. I lost 7 pounds in 2 days, but i would NEVER do it again if given the choice. OUCH! that’s a miserable way to lose weight!

    Hang in there, and cross ‘cry’ off the list too, okay?

  7. Ugh…SOMEone is due for a great Valentine’s Day. You know, the headcold flus I can deal with…it’s those stomach ones that just…ugh. So sorry that it ruined Superbowl weekend. 🙁

  8. this bug really is going around the country. my dad in PA got it last night. ergh. i wish everyone would just stay put this week and get better and stop spreading this thing around. can you imagine? it might work. geesh…hang in there…and just lay low as much as you can. sleeping is the best remedy.

  9. Oh, get well, my friend!

  10. Aw, Mary! I’m sorry to read that you are still ill. That stinks! I know the disappointment all to well though. Our New Years Eve was spent mostly…on our deck…with a garden hose…spraying off sheets and towels. Woohoo! Fun! 🙂

    Get well, my friend!!

  11. Oh goodness! I hope that you woke up feeling refreshed and renewed this morning! Being sick like that is just so miserable…

  12. Hey, I am from… Tampa and Rick Frueh’s “I AM” was amazing. We all have an “I AM” story with the Lord, “..But narrow is the gate and few that find it”

  13. So sorry you’re sick! Our family just got done with a round of it a few weeks ago. No fun.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! This may be the first time I’ve visited yours, but it definitely won’t be the last!

  14. Oh how sad, Mary! I’m sorry you are still sick. But I HEARTILY endorse the making and subsequent consuming of artichoke dip! I love that stuff! ((HUGS)) from a safe distance…

  15. Sorry to hear you’re sick. Hope you’re better soon.

    BTW, I like the new look!

  16. I’m so sorry you’re sick — and having to care for sick kids at the same time! May you all be feeling much better this week, and back to your regular activities. *hug*

  17. I’m sorry everyone is sick.

  18. Feel better……….we’re down here too.

  19. So sorry. Ethan had a cold and was feeling crummy yesterday, so I stayed home from church with him and we watched March of the Penguins too.

  20. I’m sorry. Please feel better soon.

  21. I have MIA from here for awhile and I come back to find your family fighting that awful stomach bug! Those are horrible, and hope you all on the mend soon!
    Feel free to vent and be cranky once in awhile!