Parent Hacks

Today Parent Hacks mentioned the coolest little Diaper Valet. Talk about thoughtful design! Not only that, they are also having a contest giving a Diaper Valet away to the person with the best diaper-changing story. Check it out!

And if you need yet another giveaway to enter, go check out Design Mom’s Friday Giveaway. Her website is loads of fun by the way. She finds the coolest goodies!


  1. That’s pretty neat! They come out with all the cool stuff after I don’t need it anymore!

  2. Sarah from In the Midst of It has two of the best diaper stories I’ve heard. She needs to win that. 🙂

  3. Mary, that was one of the most entertaining bunch of comments I’ve ever read! It made me feel like my multiple experiences are normal 🙂

    (And I love that I’m starting to be known as the Queen of Poo Stories. That’s a title I’ve always coveted!! 😉 )

  4. Thanks for the great links! I adores that blanket set! I love softness for my little guy! I even cloth his bottom in the softest fleece cloth diapers out there.
    I have lots of poo stories, too, if that tickles your fancy, lol. I love reading Sarah’s blog, too.