Sharing the….virus…?

The stomachache has morphed into an all-over body ache. At the moment I am one of three sickies in the house, the others being my teenagers. Ugh. Hubby made a sprite/gatorade/yogurt run last night.

All the little kids are okay. So far. I have plans to set a bucket in every bed tonight just in case. Maybe tarps too. I’d catch up on the laundry too, if I weren’t so achy. I so hate puke.

In brighter news, the Share the Love Blog Awards voting has begun again today, and will continue till midnight on February 6th. If you would be inclined to vote for a certain blogger, say, in the Most Want to Meet category, or any other category for that matter, I would be most humbly delighted.

An actual meeting, however, might not be adviseable at this point. I’m much pleasanter when I don’t feel like I’ve just been beaten by crazed monkeys wielding large green bananas.

Also, you don’t want whatever it is that I have. Trust me.

(one last shameless hint. Blame it on the fever…)

PS- Since this was a bathrobe kind of day at our house, I finally got around to posting a picture on my pink bathrobe post.


  1. I am so sorry you are feeling lousy. Hope you get better soon. And I have voted. It worked!

  2. Sorry you still have the yuckies….

    I voted earlier for a certain little mama “birdie” ( wink, wink)

    Feel better soon!

  3. Oh no! So sorry that ‘it’ got you…tarps are a great idea. Puke is soooo not fun.

  4. I love the way your site looks now Mary. I am so sorry you all are so very sick!!

    I don’t know if you know this yet, but I moved my blog. I’m no longer the Queen. Got tired of it.

  5. Oh no…. it reached your house too. We had it three times over the holidays (well, twice before Christmas and once a few weeks ago). It is the worst… hopefully it will only last a few days…..

  6. ohh…sooo sorry…you know – had is so i know how bad you are feeling. love the new look of your blog!

  7. The robe looks SOOO soft, and your daughter looks absolutely beautiful!

  8. And this is why we hate January… oops, February.

  9. Oh wow! You changed up your site! Looks so clean! I hope ya’ll are feeling better!!!! YUCK! The stomach flu is one of the WORST THINGS ever!!!!! : (

  10. ooooohhhh – I am sooooo sorry!!! I lOATHE and FEAR the stomach flu. And with that many bodies in the house – that could get VERY ugly! 🙁 Sending prayers and cyber {{{hugs}}} cause goodness knows I wouldn’t be giving you real hugs for at least a week! 😉