Got this Snapshot Challenge from HolyMama

Reading: Yesterday I finished Foul Matter and today I started Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Music in my head: i’m song-free tonight, a highly unusual state for me

Drinking: big tall glass of water

Wishing: I wouldn’t stay up so late

Considering: I’ve been dreaming of buying two new dryers, the kind that could stack one on top of the other. Except hubby says we’d need an electrician to visit to install a second 220 plugs, and spring is coming and the clothesline works so nicely then. And I’ve learned from long sad experience that when I coax to get my way about buying something, usually I regret the purchase. So, maybe not.

Feeling: tired…yawn

Goals: Clean out another drawer or two in the kitchen, play a geography game with the kids, and someday very soon(don’t read this, mom!) finally go get my (her!) wedding dress dry-cleaned and packed away properly. Because, you know, it’s been 20 years since the wedding. I think it’s aired out enough.

Tomorrow’s To Do List: pay the bills, get school done, look at 12 year old’s essay, make meals. (dry cleaner?)

Hours gloriously spent in bathtub today: 1/2 hour, with the two year old.

Things Accomplished: Cleaned out my closet, finally finished reading that book I’d been working on for a week, cleaned out one junk drawer, walked a mile.

Challenge: Pick at least 3 of the above categories and list your “Snapshot” in the Comments. night, night.


  1. Let’s see if I do this right!

    Music in my head: theme song for the “Wiggles”, sad, I know

    Wishing: I could sleep in, house magicly spotless, boys wake up on “the right side” of the bed

    Tomorrow’s to do list: Take dog to vet, grocery shop, laundry and RELAX!

  2. Reading: Homeschool Open House

    Music in my head: “As I lay me down to sleep”

    Drinking: Orange juice

    Wishing: I had an extra hour this morning to blog

    Considering: buying an elliptical glider…it’s time to get serious about losing a few extra pounds

    Feeling: wonderful (I have my toddler on my lap and he just patted my face with a “Mommy, beautiful”)

    Goals: Research a few things, get some laundry done, and spend 30 mins with each child today alone

    Tomorrow’s To Do List: get school done, register older children for soccer

    Hours gloriously spent in bathtub today: none yet 🙁

    Things Accomplished: It’s 7:30am….made breakfast, blogged, and did this entry!

  3. Music in my head: It’s Getting Better by the Beatles

    Considering: What I should do with my life next fall when AJ goes to kindergarten.

    Goals: To finish the chapter I’m working on… STUPID. WRITER’S. BLOCK.

    Things accomplished: So far? Made a pot of coffee, Got kids ready for school, posted to LJ, sent 4 reply emails.

  4. Drinking: Diet coke. Always.

    Feeling: Anxious for my flight today and the interviews I’ll have tonight and tomorrow.

    Tomorrow’s To Do list: 12 hours of interviews and fly home.

  5. Martina Fahrner says:

    Considering: Adopting from Ethiopia

    Goals: Not to have a nervous breakdown over the missing form in our china adoption

    Tomorrow’s To Do List: Get papers notarized and get the home study dude up to speed

    Things actually accomplished: Cleaned kitchen, but husband cook dinner afterwards, so back to square one!

  6. Reading: Monkey’s by Susan Minot (but by “reading” I really mean stealing sentences or perhaps – gasp – an entire page each hour or two.)

    Wishing: I had awoken to hear my son when he first got up in his room this morning – because by the time I did hear him in there, it was too late. Diaper=off, Poop=everywhere. Gah.

    Hours gloriously spent in bathtub today: Son – 1/2 hour, Me -zilch. And nothing about it was “glorious” (see above.)

    Drinking: Coffee…sweet, black, wonderful, Coffee.

  7. Reading: “After The Funeral” by Agatha Christie.

    Music in my head: “Touch Me” by Samantha Fox. Somebody help me.

    Drinking: Chocolate ovaltine. Because that’s just the way I roll.
    Wishing: I wouldn’t stay up so late

    Considering: What to make for lunch.

    Feeling: Yucky.

    Goals: Cleaning the living room and the fridge.

    Tomorrow’s To Do List: Bah!

    Hours gloriously spent in bathtub today: Sadly, none.

    Things Accomplished: Several loads of laundry!

  8. (i have that same “need to clean the wedding dress” nagging thought in the back of my mind constantly. or semi-constantly. 🙂 i’ve been married 5 years and my dress still hangs in my mom’s guest bedroom closet, waiting to be cleaned – it still has bird poop on it. yes, a bird pooped on my wedding dress. on my wedding day. hey – it’s good luck, right?)

    Music in my head: BIlly the Kid from a kids music collection that my older boys adore. “…crazy now…crazy now…”

    Feeling: Energized – this means it’s probably time to tackle the laundry that has to be folded and put away from yesterday’s laundry day (when will i be able to get it all done in one day?). but i’d much rather use my energy towards reading up on my favorite blogs.

    Tomorrow’s To Do List: shop for 3 year old’s birthday party gift, shop for new baby’s arrival gift, launder all bedsheets in the house, review recipe for bread and soup i’m making for sunday’s lunch. we’re having company.


  9. Wishing: I knew which agency to use for our adoption! Ug!
    Considering: vomiting for months . . . because that sounds easier than international adoption at the moment!
    Things Accomplished: talking on the phone to my sister for a very long time – she lives overseas – had to be done – important sister stuff! Nothing, I mean nothing else! . . . oh, but three year old just informed me that he went poopy in the potty – a first! That’s enough for one day!
    Happy day!

  10. Drinking: Artificially flavored French Vanilla Cappuccino made from a mix we got for Christmas. It’s not that great (and probably has about 5000 calories per serving), but I’m too cheap to throw it out and besides, I need the caffeine.

    Reading: There’s No Me Without You (still; I’m a slow reader with not much time for it)

    Goals: Find a new job or a second (blogging?) job or both or start a blog about my industry to get noticed so that I can get a better real job; something to bring in a little (lot!!!) more cash.

  11. Martina, I SO know where you’re at right now with paperwork…
    Reading: Managers of Their Homes – I’m both inspired and intimidated
    Music in my head: “I Am a Friend of God” – I’ve got Worship Choir rehearsal tonight
    Drinking: coffee, of course, with sugar and Irish Cream flavored creamer
    Wishing: I could find just a wee bit more energy at the end of the day
    Goals: to keep de-cluttering my home, a little bit every day
    To-Do List: two loads of laundry, write a thank you note, fix something for dinner that the children will actually eat, Worship Chior rehearsal, stop at Kohl’s and Meijer on the way home tonight…
    Things accomplished: vacuumed the whole house, held my Moms In Touch group meeting this morning, took two younger girls to the library

  12. Very cool. Congrats on organzing the closet.

  13. My dad is currently reading the book “Black rednecks and white liberals.” You’ll have to tell me how you like it!

  14. i love this snapshot, i am taking the whole thing and running with it over to my place. Love reading tidbits like these.
    and the clothesline Is so nice in the spring 🙂

  15. you walked a mile?! yea for you!

  16. reading: owlhaven

    song in my head: cel-e-brate good times, come on!

    goals: mop the floor, do the dishes, return old navy stuff…..and deposit checks!

  17. I copied this and carried it out over at my place.

    Snapshot Challenge aka Blog Filler

  18. drinking: a glass of 2000 merlot fife napa valley

    reading: people magazine, working mother magazine, vogue and just about to start a new book: the glass castle by jeannette williams (my mother just read for her book group)

    things accomplished: besides lots of good things at work, finally just invited our neighbors over for dinner next saturday…been meaning to invite them for 6 months! and we finally set a date. very excited!