Works for Me

The other day I was paying bills, and looking for my calculator yet again. (Those puppies disappear almost as fast as working pens or Dove chocolate around here. Why is that?) Anyway, my son told me about a wonderful feature of Windows that I had no idea existed. If you are running Windows right now, you can try it for yourself.

— Click on ‘Start’ in the lower left corner of your screen.
–Then click on ‘Run’.
–Then type ‘calc’ into the box that pops up.

Is that a thing of beauty or what? Now maybe everyone in the universe knew this trick except me–I hope not. Please, someone, tell me I am not the only person who did not know this trick!!

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A calculator that no one can carry off? Works for me!


  1. Did you know you could also go to Start, Programs, Accessories, then choose Calculator???

  2. My keyboard is lovely because it has a calculator button at the very top. I use it ALL the time!

    I am so happy for you that you found yours!

    Chocolate disappears rather quickly in our house, too 🙂 !!

  3. I’m imagining that it is the calculator application that comes up? I can’t do it because I’m on a Mac….and I dragged the icon of my calculator ap to my desk top because I use it a lot!!! lol

  4. thanks for the tip. great one!!!

  5. I love that. I wish they had one of those for hair brushes too. THOSE seem to disappear in our house…..

    I am totally using this from now on….

  6. Mobile (cell) phones have one too. I use it all the time!

  7. Does entering “pen” also work? I canNOT seem to keep one at our computer desk. I have tried the long string hung to the desk door’s knob and everything. *Someone WAS able to locate scissors to snip that solution*

    They need to market a pen bracelet, kind of Bond-like, that pops out at the wrist when needed. Yeah, tell Gates to get his people to work on that one. (‘Cause, seriously, I feel a lit-tle nerdy as a housewife wearing a lanyard around the house.)

    Kudos to your lil tech dude, though!

  8. I didnt know that tip. Cool because my kids think a calculator is a great toy and must be kept in their rooms or hidden under their beds at all times.

  9. You can also right click on the calculator and laft click on “create shortcut” to add a clickable icon right to your desktop. (That’s in Internet Explorer.) Great tip!

  10. That puppy has saved my tail more than once. Computer calc.s are great!

  11. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I love computer calculator. Like you said, they can’t go anywhere!

  13. If they could just make it so that I could type in “money” and suddenly an extra $100 would appear in my bank account, then that would be REALLY helpful.

    I’m afraid I knew that one, Mary, but I keep forgetting about it, so it was still a help. Feel better?

  14. I made a shortcut to the calculator on my desktop. I don’t remember how I got it there. I think you can go to the start menu, find the accessories, then right click on the calculator and create a shortcut.

    I hope that works…

  15. Yup, I did know that. But only because mine is always disappearing too. 🙂

  16. Aren’t computers amazing?! It is wonderful (and kind of depressing) when you find something that has always been there! I sometimes wish I had a computer to show me all the features of my computer!!

  17. And did you also know, if you’re online, you can either go to Google, or just use their taskbar if you have it installed, type in a math problem, hit “search” and it will solve it for you?

    It has to be all in a line, no spaces, so:


    And so on.

    You can also use Google to do unit conversions:

    1 lb=?kg
    1/4 cup=?tsp

    And like that.

  18. I did know about that feature and use it often. But I didn’t know about Melanie’s tip!

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my WFMW free children’s printables tip! I do appreciate it!

  19. I’ve used it, but gone through a longer process to get to it. So a shortcut is great too. Thanks.

  20. I need to remember that. I knew the computer had a calculator, but I can never remember how to get there.

  21. Yeah, I love using the calculator on my computer! And since I’ve started using Firefox, I got the calculator extension installed, and that saves even MORE time!

  22. for Mac users, there’s one in the applications folder, too. I put it in my dock so I can have it ready.

    I think I need to keep my MacBook from walking away, though! 🙂

  23. Well, I’ll be! I learned something new today! Thanks for the great tip Mary.

  24. Thanks for that tip.

  25. My desktop is so cluttered that I took the “shortcut on the desktop” idea one further and right-dragged (you know, dragged it but with the right mouse button held down not the left) it to my start menu. So it’s right there above the whole Programs and Run sections… right at the tippy-top.

  26. I did not know that!! Very cool and I’ll be making use of that often!! Now if I could just type “choc” in that field and have chocolate at my fingertips, I’d be set!!

  27. Thanks for sharing your tip! Chocolate disappears way too quickly around here, too! And, I always use my calculator on the computer. But, I’m sure someone didn’t know it existed! 🙂


  1. I learned something new

    I hopped over to Owlhaven’s place and learned something new about Windows: Click on ‘Start’ in the lower left corner of your screen. Then click on ‘Run’. Then type ‘calc’ into the box that pops up. Click ‘OK’. Well, that’s