Our next rig

Found a picture of our next vehicle! Go see it here. How many kids ya think we’d be able to fit in that?


  1. I”d say you should be able to fit at least about 15 kids in that thing. It sure would attract plenty of attention on the road 🙂

  2. I have a hard enough time in my regular sized Suburban! People that don’t know them probably think they are taking a large group of children on a field trip everywhere they go. I guess most who have such alrge families have to take two vans? I don’t even want to know what the gas mileage is on it! EEK!

  3. Parking would be a bummm-mmmerrrrrr! LOL

  4. Ha! I agree with gavanized- parking would be awful! 🙂

  5. I agree with galvanized. Also at this stage in the game it would take A LOT for me to give up the sliding door on my 15 passenger van. LOVE my sliding door!!

  6. Martina Fahrner says:
  7. I have to believe that the gas costs alone would break the bank!


  8. As a child, I would have been horribly embarrased for my mom to pull up in a limo to pck me up from school! It was bad enough when my parents bought a red vw bus/van- way before they were retro-cool.

  9. Joking…..you knew that, right?

  10. I admit that I was wondering Mary!