Got Game?

I’ve been meaning to mention a couple of really neat games our kids got for Christmas. The first is Gobblet Junior. It is a jazzed up version of tic tac toe and is a two-player game. Each player gets six pieces in 3 different sizes. The bigger sizes can ‘gobble’ the smaller pieces which makes this more complicated than the average tic tac toe. I’ve had fun playing this with our four year old.

The second game is called Blokus and reminds me of the computer game Tetris, except on a flat board. Four players play at once, fitting odd-shaped pieces on the board, the object being to use all your pieces up first. You can play with 2-4 players, and it is possible to play with even really little kids without spoiling the fun. One of the rules is that your own pieces can only touch each other at the corners (no sides touching). We let our two year old put her pieces down however she wants, and it still works fine.

These games have both been real hits at our house. Other favorites at our house include Phase Ten and Dutch Blitz. I have my eye on another fun-looking one called Sneaks,(I read about it at Straddling The Line) but haven’t bought it yet. Got any other game recommendations for me?

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  1. Will have to look into those! Anything that both a 4yo and 12 yo can do together is great! My 12 yo LOVES Phase Ten, Ok me too!

  2. Five Crowns and Sequence are two of our favorites. I am currently on the search for Apples to Apples.

  3. Sneaks is WICKED FUN! I just blogged it… with a link. Our older kids are into those Perplexors from Mindware, I got hooked too!

  4. Apples to Apples (and they have a jr too!)

    You do need to know how to read –


  5. We love Disney Scene-It, Apples to Apples Jr. (we play on teams of readers and non-readers) and Spinner. LOVE Spinner.

  6. Oh, forgot Baggo. Very addicting!!!

  7. While it’s not new to the world, my kids just got Hullaballoo for Christmas . . . and they love it. We don’t mind playing with them – it’s a bit silly, but the kids LOVE seeing us do the silly stuff – and my three year old will play it on his own too. (And I love that my kids are practicing following directions!)

    Also, hubby and I play Zigity (another Cranium game) after the kids go to bed. Very fun – trying to see who can come up with the oddest words to get rid of all of our cards!

    Last is the kids version of Skip-Bo – the three year old is joining in this simple numbers game. It is a bit slow for me (who likes faster pace games), but it’s a great way to teach those numbers!

  8. i LOVE BLOKUS. love it. we just got it for christmas, but had played it before. what a fun game.

  9. Settlers of Catan

    Not for little, little kids, but I promise you, this is the best and funnest game you will ever play. Promise.

  10. Oh, and yes “funnest” is too a word. Cuz I say so. 😉

  11. We got Blokus for Christmas too, and my kids LOVE it. I enjoy it, too, although they totally kick my rear every time we play.

  12. I just wrote about this yesterday!

    We’re loving the GameWright games, especially Sleeping Queens and Castle Keep. We also love Hisss, but have adapted the rules so it is a cooperative game.

    A game my husband grew up playing is Spinner. It’s like Dominoes, but with a twist. It’s a longer game, though.

    Thanks for giving me more games to add to my wish list!

  13. We love 5 Crowns-its a card game that lots can play-and like they say-the games not over until the kings go wild!!

  14. My kids love rat a tat cat and you can massage the rules to play with the little folk.

    Dutch Blitz is a personal fav.

  15. Ditto everything Wooden Porch said about Settlers of Catan!!! It is actually one of the most popular games in the world, just not as well known in the U.S. market. I think it’s enjoyable because it’s a very nice mix of strategy (pure strategy games stress me out!) and luck (pure luck games are pointless!). Everyone we’ve ever played it with loves it. There are expansion versions and variation games as well if you get into it, but the original is where you start. Check out a site called for games galore, with reviews by people who love games, world rankings, and so on. Recently my kids/husband got one called Ticket to Ride, which they likes a lot. I really enjoy a fun one called Bohnanza, which somehow strikes me as one other Dutch Blitz/ Phase 10 types would like. All of these should be available at =) Others mentioned Apples to Apples, and I agree it is a really fun game, but you have to get the kids version if you’re playing with kids! You just don’t want to play with little people when there are adjectives like “sexy” and “sensual” in the deck, and they won’t recognize a huge number of the people and events that come up. Definitley try Settlers, and then Bohnanza and Ticket to Ride are worth a look. Have fun!

  16. Shoot! My comment got eaten! Trying again, more quickly now…

    Ditto everything Wooden Porch said about Settler’s of Catan!!! It’s actually one of the most popular games in the world, but it just hasn’t been formally marketed in the U.S..Everyone we’ve played it with loves it, and some ahave even gone on to buy it themselves and get the expansion and variation sets. It’s a very enjoyable mix of strategy (pure strategy is too stressful!) and luck (pure luck games are pointless unless you’re a toddler!), and you have the potential of gaining something on each person’s turn, which keeps you very engaged even when play is going around the table. You can get it at, which is a great game site, full of games from many parts of the world, tons of reviews from people who love games, rankings, and so on. One I really enjoy (and I like the games you mentioned, so I’ll asume a little similarity) is a German game called Bohnanza. My husband and boys really like to play and recommend a game called Ticket to Ride, but I haven’t gotten in on that action myself yet. There are so many I know of, but those are some good ones. Just get Settler’s! Have fun!

  17. Ah, that would be Settlers of Catan, not Settler’s.

  18. Regarding Apples to Apples: really fun, but you definitely want the Jr. version if playing with kids! The stack contains adjectives like “sexy” and “sensual”, and is full of people and events they won’t know a thing about.