If one is good….

…four is definitely not better.

It seemed such a good idea to let my two year old bring this little suitcase full of dolls to church. Only problem was, she could strip ’em faster than I could dress them. I must’ve spent 20 minutes of the service replacing teeny tiny clothing.

Because the only thing worse than a gaggle of n*ked dolls all over your living room is having them lounging all over the pew during church.


  1. too cute! We WILL do anything to keep them quite and busy, wont we?

  2. Hehe! I can completely picture it! We often have children wandering around during the service. If their parent is up the front its common for them to be holding onto their parents leg or running around them.

    You seem to be loosing your posts again. I can’t see the ones from the past few days – other than todays, the one before is the one of your husband painting toe nails.

  3. Very funny! I can completely relate! None of our dolls have clothes on…

  4. How funny. Those are adorable dolls though. Where did you get them?

    This morning in Sunday school my 5 year old niece kept talking about her naked apple. Of course that sentence was quickly picked up by the other children.

  5. Doras! Lots of Doras! The Baby would be right in there, helping your lil’ one with the clothing removal. She LOVES screechy ol’ Dora.

  6. Oh how I remember this stage of a little girls life! I had to put the barbies all away ’cause they could never stay clothed. I’m glad she got over it.

  7. Oh how funny! Well, I imagine it wasn’t at the time. 🙂

  8. Too, too funny- and too, too many memories 🙂

  9. Kicking Kicking Kicking myself for not buying those when I saw them at Costco.
    On another note, better a n*ked Dora than a n*ked child at church. I speak from experience.

  10. Tag. You’re it. I bet, deep down, you’re a little weird. Right?

  11. They look so cute lined up properly in the box. Hard to believe they caused any problems at all 🙂

  12. Giggle.

    My MIL tells a story of turning in church and seeing my husband with the cardboard from tampons on his fingers – he’d brought them in his pocket and brought them out to play with, I guess.

  13. Since I am living in the world of n*aked Barbies – I totally get it!

    My DD tends to bring 1 big baby or her bible (which she then forgets and has to run back downstairs to get!)