Christmas Tour Of Homes

Today I’m doing the Christmas Tour of Homes along with BooMama, and I suspect a whole bunch of other nice folks. Click on the picture after you visit here to head over to Boo Mama’s and visit some more people in the Christmas spirit.

First up we have our front porch this evening with the Christmas lights on. Some years we do all the high peaks on our house, but this year my 15 year old just did around the front door, and it is great. Come on inside– it’s cold out tonight.

Here’s our front door. I love this wreath so much that I sometimes leave it up all of January too. One year I was embarrassed to realize it was still up in February — unfortunately I didn’t think of till our social worker was walking up our front step, coming to do a homestudy for one of our adoptions. Thankfully she didn’t disqualify us on the basis of inappropriate Christmas decorations!

We decorated the light fixture above our dining room table with silver balls and white bells on sparkly white ribbon. I saw the idea a couple years ago in Better Homes and Gardens, and thought, “Wow! Finally an idea I can do without going broke!” We think it is festive and fun.

This long skinny Santa is right next to our coat closet in front of our front door. He fits the narrow space perfectly, and I especially love that he says, ‘Believe!’ He reminds me to have faith.

A friend gave me these tumbling snowmen that hang over my kitchen sink. They make me think of the fun my kiddos have outside when it snows. I leave these guys up all winter long.

Of course there’s also our Christmas tree, which around this time in December starts looking ridiculously stuffed with gifts, as well as a little ramshackle from constant redecorating by my preschoolers. Thankfully they don’t bother the gifts — much. And if that gift heap looks excessive, remember, we have TEN people in our family. (The second picture of the tree, showing more of our living room was take in November, before the gift-heap had begun to multiply!

Speaking of ten people, one of my favorite places in the house is this railing where we hang all our stockings. A few days ago I told you the story of the first four stockings in our collection.

Since then we have added a couple other batches, of stockings as we’ve added new family members. They don’t match each other exactly but I think they all look really great together. Kind of like our family!


  1. I’m so glad you’re doing this! So far that’s you and Shannon – so there will be at least two!

    And I love your house – love the cozy feel of your decorations. I would LOVE to know what you fix for breakfast on Christmas mornings – maybe you could do a post and tell us? Maybe?

  2. how fun! love the tree and as a new mom…i am finding that filling stockings is kind of hard! any ideas for great stocking stuffers?

  3. Look at all those stockings! Wow! At least you have room on the stairs! You are SO blessed!

  4. It’s ex-act-ly like I thought it would be!!! and I love love love the stockings. It screams FAMILY!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and thank you so much for sharing!!!

  5. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I love your decorations. I really like the tumbling snowmen. SO cute. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas

  7. LOVE all those stockings… and what a beautiful tree!

  8. Your place looks so beautiful and the tree is gorgeous!

  9. it all looks great! i love your big tree with all the presents. now that looks like fun. also, the silver balls and bells are a great idea and so beautiful.

  10. I love the hanging balls and bells. It looks so elegant and festive. THanks so much for the tour!

  11. I love the red door. We only had 6 kids in our family goriwng up & everyone who entered thought we had way too many present. You have an amazing home.

  12. Wow that’s a lot of stockings! Your son did such a nice job on the doorway – looks like he’s hired indefinitely, huh? 😉

    Love your “Wreath in Feb.” story.

    Thanks for inviting us in! Blessings to all at Owlhaven this Christmas.

  13. I love the stockings on the stairs. Thank you for inviting me over, I will be back, you have a great blog.
    Merry Christmas

  14. The stockings are wonderful. I love my wreathe as well and many times “accidently” forget to take it down for some time.

  15. Lots of presents! (for a large family, right?)

    Your stocking idea is too cool.

  16. Your tree is beautiful. My Dad use to do the hanging of the balls on a ilght fixture.
    Thank you so much for the invitation,you have a very lovely warm home.

    Merry Christmas.

  17. I love your stocking and your take on how they are like your family!

  18. Beautiful, all over your house.
    I especially like the lights on the door, and the bells on the light.

  19. I love the bells on the light, how magical!!

  20. Lots of stockings to fill! Your decorations are beautiful! Thanks for the tour and have a blessed Christmas!

  21. How sweet, I love the stockings!! All we’ve gotten decorated around here is the Christmas tree, yipes!

  22. Everything is just beautiful and really shows the sprit of Christmas. Hope yours is very special.

  23. Great stockings! I remember your previous post about them and it was great!

  24. Your tree is gorgeous, and I think that’s a very festive pile of presents!
    My favorite thing was the ribbons and bells hanging from your light fixture – I love that! I think that I’ll do that to my dining room lights today, too!

  25. Looks wonderful! I laughed about your wreath. I often leave our outdoor Christmas decorations (faux evergreen garland and wreaths with burgundy bows– no electric singing Santas or anything!) up until February. After all, the house looks SO blah in that blah season before spring and spring wreaths come out. One year I let them go until the first week of March… when we were having our homestudy! He said cheerfully, “I LOVE that you still have your Christmas decorations up.” I took it to be an amused, positive statement, not sarcastic…. well, he approved us anyway!

  26. I love all the stockings! They scream “JOY” to me. The mantle couldn’t hold them all, eh?

  27. Mary, the stockings are so cool! What a massive celebration you must have. =)

    Thanks for the tour!

  28. I love all the garlands and lights! And, those stockings! So cute. Thank you for your hospitality! 🙂

  29. I love the stockings on the stairs – how clever! Thanks for the lovely tour!

  30. Mary, your home is so warm and inviting. I absolutely love all the stockings on the stair railing. If only I had stairs, I’d do that too! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by to look at my pictures.

    Merry Christmas!

  31. gorgeous!! love all of the stockings!!

  32. Thanks for having us over! I love the balls and bells hanging from the light fixture — what a great idea! Love the tumbling snowmen, too, and the stockings on the handrail, and the garland above the couch…all in all, a lovely and inviting home.

  33. I like the stockings on the staircase.

  34. Your house is beautifully decorated and so homey! Loved the stockings going up the stair railing!
    Merry Christmas!

  35. So glad you let us in to see your beautiful home! And oh my at the beautiful stockings. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  36. your home is so cozy. i love it – and the stockings are fabulous. i would love to see what your tree looks like on christmas day; can’t imagine how many presents must be there! 🙂

  37. That long row of stockings says it all about your family, Mary. Your tree and your home are beautiful but my favorite thing is that row of stockings. Merry Christmas to you and your whole family.

  38. Your stockings are my FAVORITE!!! I love it!

  39. Ooo, your tree is so big and pretty! I love those stockings all lined up and the tumbling snowmen are cute as they can be.

    Thanks so much for having us in your home!

  40. I love the silver bells from the lights. I might have to try that.
    Thanks for sharing.

  41. I love REAL Christmas trees. I’m trying to get my girlfriend to get one , but she’s refusing to. 🙁

  42. What an amazing tree! And all of those stockings! You have been blessed.

  43. What a beautiful family home! Love all those stockings hung on the staircase! 😀

  44. I enjoyed the tour of your home. What a gorgeous tree!

    Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  45. It all looks very nice……I love, love your stocking idea, maybe I could try that one year but we only have 6 people in our family! That is so cute. And your dining room fixture looks very festive. Beautiful tree, can’t have too much stuff if you have a large family!
    Thanks for having us over.

  46. Really lovely Mary. You almost put me in the Christmas mood!

  47. The decorated light fixture is a fabulous idea – beautiful! We also have 10 stockings to hang. We moved last year and our mantle isn’t as big as the old one. Maybe we should try the railing; that’s a great idea!
    Mommy Dearest

  48. Love the decorated light fixture!! What a great idea. I am definitely stealing it (the idea, not your light fixture). Your home is lovely.

  49. Love your railing with all those stockings. And those tumbling snowmen are just the cutest thing I’ve seen in snowmen. Thanks for the tour Mary.

  50. I looove the stockings, I think we all do!

    Thank you for the warm and lovely welcome!

    What a beautiful tour of your home!
    Wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas!