Don’t you hate it when…

you’re all ready to go someplace and your toddler’s diaper leaks, not only on her outfit, but also on your brand new, very cute, only-been-worn-three-hours jeans?

Me too.


  1. oh dear . . .

    that stinks . . .


  2. Unfortunately I know personally how much that stinks (quite literally)!

  3. By the way–thanks for the snaps. I have photos on my blog of Claire wearing some. 🙂

  4. Oh, bummer – how I wish I didn’t know how un-fun that is!

  5. Yesterday I finished every stitch of laundry and ironing. You know that only last for about 6 hours and I only have one child. Just today Citcat said to me “I’m wearing laundry!”. And I said to my sweet nearly potty trained child “Yes dear you are.”

  6. Did the jeans come clean?!

  7. classic…

  8. How about when your 4 year old has been asked if they need to go potty before leaving the house and replies with a very stern “no”, only to get the a store and have them say “I have to go potty” Akk, now it using the public restroom!!

  9. I don’t mind this nearly as much as when my 5 year old didn’t quite make it to the restroom and pooped his pants…..then tried to clean it up himself…..just before church….of course, we were already running late.

  10. Oh, I hate that!!

  11. Mmm, yeah. That’s right up there with sour spit-up down the front of your shirt. Good times.

  12. gotta laugh…..or it just gets frustrating!! leaky diapers/baby spit up/projectile vomit…..yep…..I feel like I smell pretty much ALL the time! : )