Works For Me

This tip is either a few hours late or almost a year early, I’m not sure which. But I wanted to toss it out here before I forget about it.

Hubby and I have never been super thrilled over lighting a pumpkin indoors with a candle with a zillion little kids around. Just doesn’t seem safe, especially with the way kids are drawn to candles.

Last year my man had a brilliant idea. We had a extra set of those rope lights– you know, the kind you can use to illuminate a plant shelf or the underside of a kitchen cabinet? He bored a hole in the back side of the pumkin, coiled a set of lights inside the hollowed out pumpkin, then poked the plug-end of the lights out the back of the pumpkin like a little tail. Plug it in and you have light– without the fire hazard! Works for us!

Go to Rocks in My Dryer for more great ideas.


  1. That is so cool! That pumpkin looks really creepy.

  2. Great idea! Plus it looks awesome!

  3. I’m infamous for leaving candles burning unattended (I know, I know) so this would work for me too! 😉 What a great idea!

  4. I like that and it lights up so much better than one of those glow sticks which is what I ended up doing.

  5. Brillant! Also- when I used your link from Shannon’s site, it’s taking me back to Rocks in my dryer, not your site. Just thought I’d let you know! :o)

  6. Those rope lights are great for all kinds of things and you
    are right…they are so much safer!


  7. Great idea 🙂

    thanks for stopping by.

  8. Great idea. I am afraid of fire especially around little ones. I just discovered your blog a few days ago. I’m really enjoying it! Our daughter is from China and we are in the process of China adoption #2. Your Ethiopian adoption information is very interesting and intriguing.

  9. Holy cow, this is great, but I needed it two days ago! My poor daughter cried when I shouted in panic that the jack o lanterns were hot yesterday. She recovered, of course, but next year, I’m totally doing this.


  10. What a great use for those lights! My dad, who’s quite wary of candles, always used a small electric light (I think it was a nightlight plugged into an extension cord) inside pumpkins when we were kids, so I used to think that was how everyone did it. I really like the rope light idea, though, because it creates a cumulative glowing effect and they’re (I’m guessing) easy to wipe off when you’re done. A great alternative to the fire hazard of candles!

  11. Awesome idea! This is fantastic. I didn’t carve any pumpkins this year for the first time in my life..maybe it’s a good thing since I always burn myself lighting the candles no matter how long the matchstick is or if I have a door carved out of the back of the pumpkin 😉 Thanks for this tip! I’ll put it to good use next year =)

  12. I saw Martha Stewart do this on the View with Christmas lights. Thanks for the reminder!!! I love this idea and loved seeing your carved pumpkin!!!!

  13. We’ve been doing this for a few years! Isn’t it great? We use the red Christmas lights, though. Very spooky.

  14. I like how bright they make Jack there! Great idea. (great Jack-o-lantern too)

  15. Seems un-natural to me! Maybe it’s just the perpetual kid in me.

  16. smart, smart, smart. I will remember this for next year.
    AND, your family in your last post is beautiful. I love looking at photos of the people I read about.
    Thanks for letting me into your life.

  17. What a wonderful idea! Thank you. Blessings!