‘Our’ child

In September I talked about using our 30 Days of Nothing savings to sponsor an AHOPE child. Today I wrote about that child on my Ethiopia blog.

And speaking of children who wait, I wish you would all go over and give Avery and Heather your support as their wait for their children to come home has been extended yet again.


  1. Wonderful post Mary. I know those feelings, you captured them so well. When I was about to decide from a table full of child profiles which child we were going to sponsor, I kept wondering how I would know. Which child was the one for us? And when I saw him, I burst into tears right there and then and I just knew. God connects souls oceans apart.

  2. what a post…and having just signed up recently to sponsor a child i am so grateful to really share these feelings…wow. powerful.

  3. What a touching and powerful post.

  4. Thank you for writing that post.

    I want to adopt!! I cried when I read that. All those children. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight on the web.