How to Fix A Broken Vertical Blind


Broken vertical blind A couple weeks ago, one of the slats broke on the much-abused vertical blind over my sliding glass door. (We Owlhavens wear things hard, especially the ever-busy little Owls.) As you can see below, the slat just ripped straight through the top of the hole. ripped slat

My first fix was just to move one slat in from the end of the blind to fill the gap in the middle. But I started thinking that if one had broken, others were sure to follow. I wondered if there was any way to fix it. I thought about super-gluing some more plastic to block off the hole, but I was sure that wouldn’t last.

While thinking it over, I had a brainstorm. I realized the other end of the slat was still in perfect condition. If I could just cut the right size of hole in the unbroken end, I could turn the slat around, putting that end at the top of the window, and leaving the broken bit down at the floor where most people would probably not even see it.

marking place to punch new hole It was a piece of cake to mark the right place to cut the new hole. All I did was gently fold the slat in half, and then mark with a pen on the good end, using the broken end as a template for perfect placement of the hole.

ready to hole-punch the slat Next, how to cut it? I was afraid that a knife or a pointy scissors would leave a ragged cut. I realized that the original hole, though rectangular, was very close in size to the hole made by a standard hole punch. I whipped out my trusty three-holer, and punched away. Voila. A nice clean hole.

new holeI thought I might have to shave the hole more rectangular, but it turns out that the circular opening pops into the clip in the blind perfectly! Slat all fixed

Now that I’ve figured out how to do this, I think I could fix the next broken slat in three minutes flat. This little trick will probably double the life of my blind.

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  1. Love it! So ingenious!

  2. Where were you when I needed you last year? I got so sick of the stupid breaking slats I decided to get a new covering all together. Course I had never liked the verticle blind thing, it came with the house. But I would have kept it if I could have been as smart as you.

  3. Very clever, Mary!

  4. You are so smart!!! What a great idea.

  5. aren’t you smart?

  6. Wow! I wish I had seen this before my boys destroyed the slat that fell off. That one is in pieces now. Don’t think this will work for it. But I’ll keep this in mind for the next ones that fall off, which undoubted they will.

  7. Awesome idea! We *hate* the blinds here…we are constantly having to replace them! You did a great job with your repair!


  8. That tip would have saved me a LOT of stress in my last house!

  9. Such a smart idea! We don’t have vertical blinds in this house, but it is good to know in case we ever move 🙂

  10. Wow! You are McGuyver! Good job.

  11. brilliant!

  12. Oh now that is smart.

  13. dude. i’m an idiot. i just threw away 3 of these stupid things! if only i’d read this earlier!!!

  14. Brilliant idea! I love creative people!! You all give me the best ideas!

  15. You have pretty hands.

  16. If you end up with two broken ends, you can use a section of an unbent paperclip across the hole as well.

  17. How simple, but smart. Thanks a bunch!

  18. Wow, wish I’d had this info this summer. I threw out 5 missing slats because they were all broken from the sort of abuse you described. If I’d only been so clever. Sigh.

  19. Simple and powerfull! Thanks!!

  20. This comes just DAYS after I finally chunked the whole window treatment for all of those ripped slats ( we had half a dozen or more that had accumulated)
    I had tried sealing with tape, bridging the gap with a staple, but it never occured to me to try the easiest ( and best) soloution.
    Next time, I’ll know though! Thanks

    Now, we have a shower curtain, picked to match the furniture, hanging from the brackets that held the slats.

  21. I Actually sacrificed the last slat cutting it into two inch lengths. Then I used a hole punch to create holes in each one. I then used silicone glue to reinforced each slat making them twice as strong at the weakest point….It works….

  22. I have been using my blind again and again since 10 years. I use paper stapler just right in center at broken slot. It works

  23. I can’t get my slats to turn at all with the stick. I have to turn them one at a time. I know there must be a way to fix them but I don,t know what is broken. They are brand new blinds and I just turned it to many times one day and it has worked since. Please help!!

  24. Angie,

    I believe you need a new Vertical Wand Master Carrier. Typically the threads are stripped on these when you force the blinds to rotate further than they are designed to go, or force the blinds to rotate when they are obstructed. You can find replacements here:


  25. Here’s another great idea regarding this topic, “Vane Savers”. It seems that these can be used to repair or prevent (even better!) this problem. I found them here:*Parts%3AVane+Savers

    BTW, I’m not affiliated with this company, just cam across these while searching for my own replacement parts.


  26. Keep in mind that this will not work if your slats have a ‘S’ curve to them. It only works if they’re flat. If you invert the curved slat, then all your slats would have a ‘S’ except the one you fixed, which would be a ‘Z’. In this case, you have to cut off the broken half inch and make a new hole (and live with the missing 1/2″ at the bottom) .

  27. For the ‘S’ curve slats, just staple the top. A regular staple will traverse the empty broken area. Then click it back into the holder like normal.

  28. Great piece of writing which I found really interesting. In my view but and unfortunatley so, the best method to clean window blinds is to take them down and give them a sponge bath in the shower by means of pinesol or lysol or something along those lines. any sort of cleaner will be okay.


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