My Tattoo

Yup. S’truth. I’ve been holding out on you. In August I got a tattoo. Go see Daring Young Mom for more tastefully decorated peeps!


  1. Really cute Mary.

  2. This makes you the coolest mother of 8 that I know!! (Yes, I have friends with 8, some more) It’s so pretty.

  3. Wait… you do have EIGHT right?

  4. Yup, I have 8. But– confession– it was only a temporary tattoo. Almost I am tempted to get a real one. Except for the pain. (Nevermind that I went thru childbirth 4 times with zero drugs).

  5. Heh. The tattoo was nothing after childbirth. And the parlor was so peacefull! I went to one that offered state of the art widescreen plasma TV (surround sound, too!) with whatever new release you chose playing durring your “creative session”. Also, they give you a Starbucks drink of your choice while your artist works. It was really, really lovely. And my husband discovering his name painted on me amidst a swarm of delicate flowers – let’s just say it was his best birthday ever.

  6. Cool Tatoo, is it kind of like the one Shalee got?

  7. That is very cool! I have a design for one, but my hubby wants me to get a small one to see if I can “handle” a bigger one.