Absotively posilutely no more canning! (edited)

No more.


Well…OK, at least not till next June, anyway. 

I finished the very last of my canning today– 26 little half-pints of HOT salsa.  They are adorable and yummy and I am so pleased.  But done. 

So done.

The rest of those blasted tomatoes can rot on the vine, for all I care. 

Actually here’s what will really happen.  Sometime in the next few days (frost is coming!) my hubby will pluck every last tomato tenderly off the vine.  He’ll sort them by level of ripeness, and wrap them individually in newspaper in boxes, greenest on bottom, and orangest on top. 

There they will ripen gradually.  And I will very happily cook with them for at least a month longer.  But I absotively posilutely will NOT can even ONE more tomato. 

So there.


Edited to add: I’ve had requests for my salsa recipe.  Here ya go!

Mary’s “Firewater” Salsa

(for Canning)

See: Canning Salsa Safety  

Chop: 3 quarts tomatoes
3 large bell peppers
4 medium onions
 Mix  in large pot, and simmer gently until tomatoes are slightly reduced.


Puree in blender with 1-1/2 cup vinegar:

jalapeño peppers (reduce for mild)

1 large garlic bulb, peeled


Pour  puree carefully into pot on stove.  Avoid touching puree with hands, (especially if you are going to have to take out your contact lenses anytime in the next 12 hours!)



1 teaspoon oregano
3 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoon cayenne pepper (for hot), reduce the amount to make milder
1/2 cup sugar


Simmer for a few more minutes until salsa is gently steaming.  Can in clean pint-size or smaller canning jars with 1 teaspoon vinegar in bottom of each jar. Process 30 minutes in a boiling water bath.

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  1. Oh, I so wish I were in your shoes…I’m still going to do at least one more batch this week. I thought I was done but there are more tomatoes ripening and my son keeps filling his little bucket and bringing them to me! (Finally trained and it took all summer but he knows his red from his green!)

  2. You should sell some of your canned goods. A pain to ship but I bet your salsa in sooo good!

  3. Mary,

    I can imagine that you are tired of canning with all the work you did this year! I always enjoy it more at the beginning of the season than at the end. A friend and I canned vegatable soup a few weeks ago and I KNEW that I was done for the year. But we do have 30 jars of soup waiting for us this winter!

  4. Oh, I wish I were in your shoes . . . but my wishing was of a different sort. I wish we weren’t going to be buying salsa at the store this winter! Moved into a new house in a new state this summer, so all we have in the back yard is a bunch of infertile clay barely covered by new sod. No beautiful tomaotes, no canning, no salsa, no nothin’! I am really happy for you and your family though – great accomplishment!!!

    Heidi, What a cool way to learn red from green!

  5. That’s right! Tell those tomatoes who’s boss!

  6. Come on, Mary! Call somebody, if they want the tomatos, leave out fliers at church … put a “free tomato” sign in your drive way! God and you made them grow, don’t let them go to waste!

    Hey: Pick them and put them in front of the Wallmart with a big “FREE” sign!

  7. IslandMOM says:

    Could you share your HOT salsa recipe?

  8. That sounds like some yummy hot sauce! How much do you charge to ship it? : )

  9. I’ll have to give that a try when I’ve recovered from canning all that applesauce yesterday. It’s the season . . .

  10. I’ve never canned.

  11. I’m insanely (sp?) jealous! I didn’t get a single tomato this year. (Thanks to the deer problem) I love fresh tomatoes. April Showers gave me a bag of hers, but oh not enough! I crave them!

    I saw she mentioned you in her blog. I’ve been here before and you’ve been to my blog too, but I wanted to drop in and say HI! She mentioned me in the same post, but not my blog. (I’m Melanie) I just don’t want the church traffic so she doesn’t tell.

  12. Pining for a garden….

    I’ve never canned though, I freeze. Someday I will learn all of my granmother’s caning and jam secrets from her, after I learn to make soap and weave on a hand held loom and keep snails fromeating all of my basil…

  13. Yikes! Have you seen the price of tomatoes lately? I didn’t even buy any this week. I absolutely refuse to pay five dollars for five little tomatoes. A little box of cherry tomatoes is three dollars. I know how you feel about the canning, but those extra tomatoes are a real blessing 🙂

  14. Thanks for the salsa recipe. I’ve got 20!!! tomato plants, and they are prolific, so I need to get to work soon. I’ll try this recipe, ’cause we like it spicy!

  15. You’re brave! My mom, my aunt, my grandmother and I used to can salsa (more the milder variety) when I was a kid. They kept it up at least through my high school years. I am hoping that one of these falls My mom and I can get back into doing it!

  16. Approximately how much salsa does this recipe make? How many cans would I need?

    I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to do it. =D

  17. you’re done? How lucky for you! Wish I was.

  18. Again, I only have two words for you: Super Woman.

    You rock!

    Okay – that was four. Two and two.