Matt 19:14

It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish. ~ Mother Teresa

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  1. What a wonderful sentence.

  2. have we decided this? why did she make this sad statement? I know I sometimes chose naivete over knowledge…but I don’t truly understand the complexity of this sentence.

  3. Sorry…I”m being unclear.  This post is in response to a bunch of stuff rumbling around in my head– this post over at No More Counting The Cost as well as some negative comments people have posted in response to Sunday’s AP article about the website.

  4. I think the original context (not certain) was a comment related to her stance on abortion – but I think it is a fitting comment regarding how we live our lives relative to the condition of the world today. There is great need, and what am I doing here and now to do anything about it?

  5. i am so inspired by your writing…i have just hit the “donate now” button at the AAI site….and am now sponsoring a child. thank you!