Oh, brother!

Here’s what happens when your 12 year old brother is commissioned to help you put away your dollies.

When I asked my 4 year old if we should take them down, she said, “No, they think it’s fun up there!”

Alrighty then.

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  1. ROFL!!! That's hilarious!!

  2. So cute and funny!

  3. reminds me of when my brother got into my cabbage patch dolls. When I woke up one morning, all their hineys were exposed and they were on their bellies. He said he was checking that the each had the signature on back. 🙂

  4. my boys have bunk beds and that is where they put their action figures!!!!! too cute.

  5. My daughter used to keep her art work in that spot, unitl they got new beds!! It looks like they are just hanging out!! Very cute!!

  6. This is hilarious. I love the picture.

  7. Very funny! Leave it to the boys…

  8. What a crack up!

  9. That is too funny! Leave it to brothers! At least all of their limbs are still attached (my DH would pull that stunt on his sisters)!

  10. LOL! Glad she wasn't upset!

  11. That cracks me up! I love when there speak for their dolls. What a cutie-head!

  12. number 1, you have the same beds we have

    number 2, Kaitlyn gets so angry with ME when I do that to all of her dolls.