There are certain things a mom just has to do.

I am so incredibly glad that the 30 Days is done here, because as you see, I found THE perfect Christmas dresses at Costco for my little girls.  The top of the dress is black velveteen, the bottom is blue taffeta, and there’s a lovely floofy black underskirt for the perfect ‘princess-at-the-ball’ feeling while spinning.  Oh, my.   Just too incredibly yummy, and only $18 each. 


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  1. I seriously don't think they could be any cuter.
    I'm on my way to costco….

  2. The look lovely.

    But why is it that everytime I look at the face of that littlest one of yours, my heart wants to jump right out of my body?

  3. Beautiful princesses!

    I love the effect of twirling taffeta!

  4. Every time I see your little girls I am reminded of why I am continuing to keep alive my hope of being able to adopt someday. They are so cute in their dresses. They are the perfect Christmas dresses.

  5. Can't get enough of your little girls!! Can I trade in you my brothers for them? Just kidding.

  6. They are precious!!!! And $18! What a bragain – you couldn't MAKE them for that!

  7. My granddaughters would absolutely love those dresses. They are very much "into" that princess look. I must admit to being just a bit jealous of all the cute little princess shoes and dresses they make for little girls these days. My sister and I always had to wear our mom's old things to play dress up! They look beautiful and sweet and just plain precious.

  8. they seriously should be on the cover of a magazine……so beautiful!

  9. I really enjoyed reading all your posts about your 30 days. Good job and what a great lesson and example for me. The girls look adorable, I bet they can't wait to wear them.

  10. So lovely in blue!

  11. oooo they are precious!

  12. Gorgeous! 😀

    I was following now and then your 30 days…great concept and congrats on doing that!

  13. The dresses? Too cute! They look beautiful.

  14. Good job, Mary, all around.

  15. They look ready for a party! Such beautiful girls.

  16. Oh my goodness, they're adorable!

    (And your comment on my last post made me laugh out loud, which is monumental today–thank you!)

  17. Aw, these dresses are just too cute!! Your daughters look adorable!!

  18. Your daughters are beautiful and the dresses are as well. I love their smiles!

  19. Wow! Beautiful! And you know I'm the last person to discourage this sort of thing…;)

  20. too cute! and WHAT a deal 🙂

  21. They are beautiful. Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess! They are lucky to have you for their momma.

  22. What beautiful dresses! And what beautiful princesses!!

  23. I must agree – yummy!! I will have to check out my Costco and see if I can find five in the sizes I need!

  24. so, do they have them in infant sizes? some days i want my baby to grow so i can dress her up, but others i wan't her to stay this age forever!

  25. Great find! Lovely girls + lovely dresses = happy mommy. ;^)

  26. They are amazing! So adorable.

  27. I don't think your little Princesses could be *any* cuter! 😉