30 Days- The End

We’ve done it.   We made it through 30 Days.  I’ve already been to the store.  Already rejoiced over the addition of coffee creamer back into my coffee, butter back into my fridge.   My freezer is restocked with meat.  My pantry again bulges with all sorts of nice little non-essentials like paper napkins and pancake syrup and taco chips.

While filling my cart at two different stores I was full of conflicting emotions.  Delight that this month I do not have to be accountable for every purchase.  Anxiety that I not over spend, not negate the sacrifice of last month by spending twice as much this month. 

I want the month to make a difference.

So did it?  John and I just got done deciding what to do with the month’s savings.  Our hearts, as always, are with the children.  We will be sponsoring an HIV+ orphan this next year.  I just printed out the donation form and it is sitting here next to me on the couch.

Along with that we are praying that more families will find the courage to adopt these precious kids.  It is not enough to give them medicine.  Also, desperately, they need families.

It is incredibly easy to be overwhelmed over the scale of the problem in Africa, the numbers of children in desperate need.  How can our tiny drop in the bucket even matter when the problem is so gargantuan?

But the size of the problem doesn’t give us license to ignore it.  Rather, it makes it morally imperative that we all act.  That we all do something.

Will you join us?  Will you add your ‘one drop’ of help to our one drop of help?   If you are like most Americans, you can do at least something.  You can make a difference for a child  fighting poverty or disease in this world.

If you will join me, this 30 days of nothing will accomplish so very much more than my family can accomplish alone.

AHOPE for Children HIV+ orphan sponsorship

  Compassion International child sponsorship

Adoption Advocates child sponsorship

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  1. I am so proud of you for doing it! YOU REALLY inspired me. I broke about 11 days in. Something happened, don't even remember what and it crushed my resolve. I am going to try again.
    I have been thinking a lot about adoption, too. Not for myself personally. We have three VERY demanding special needs kids (all bio kids) and our dynamics do not lend themselves to adoption. That and we're pretty poor. But I think about it. And I donate goodies to families who do adopt.

  2. Hi Mary, thanks for visiting me!
    How inspiring that you made it through this challenge. We try to stick with it one day a year on International Buy Nothing Day, but I don't know if we could manage 30. The huz would definitely be up to it…

    So, 8 kids – pretty awesome (bet you never heard that one before). Me and my husband both came from 4 and thought that was a lot. Incidentally, we are both in agreement that we will stop at 2!

  3. I know that you will be blessed in ways you cannot even imagine for what you have done and are doing. We sponsor a child through World Vision, and he is just a joy to us. That so much can be done with so little sacrifice (really not a sacrifice at all) is amazing. The Lord multiplies what we give to Him in miraculous ways. Bless you and your precious family.

  4. It can be so easy for me to get overwhelmed with tsuch a large issue as this and use that as an excuse.
    "the size of the problem doesn’t give us license to ignore it. Rather, it makes it morally imperative that we all act. That we all do something."
    I totally agree, If we can, we must. Even the smallest drips will eventually turn into a puddle!

  5. We sponsor through Compassion and they are great. We get wonderful letters, updates, etc. We even have the option to visit her if we would like too!
    Great organization.

  6. Great job Mary. You guys did the stuff, but also shared the process with others, and now you are sponsoring through AHOPE! That is VERY near and dear to our hearts. We sponsor some kids there, and our youngest waiting one is there too.

    The really sobering thought after 30 days of nothing? To think that to the families we try to live a little bit like around the world during something like this, it is just another month of nothing, and they can't go out and restock…

  7. Mary,
    What an inspiration you were to me this month! I'm so thankful our blogs have crossed. Doing this as a single woman was bad enough – how you kept a family going through all this is BEYOND me! (And that's probably why God gave you the kids and me the dogs!)

    Thank you for riding out the waves of this challenge with me. I said to myself more than once "If she can do it with all those kids, surely I can get to tomorrow." And I did make it. I only pray now that I never forget what it felt like to live through "Thirty Days of Nothing."

  8. Richlisa wrote: 'it is just another month of nothing, and they can’t go out and restock….'

    How true.

  9. My own small attempt at this was to avoid Target for September. The amount of money saved and clutter deterred was noticable. So, even thought we did grocery shopping and a few thrift store runs, I was thouroughly encouraged to keep this mindset as much as possible.

    Food for the Poor usually gets our extra money that we save when we fast during Lent. They'll get this months savings, as well. I'll definately check out your recommended organizations, as well.


  10. We sponsor a little boy, Richard, from Uganda with Compassion International. What a wonderful organization. We love our relationship with him and love that we get to be a part of his life. When we started sponsoring him, we wanted to do something for someone else who needed it, but we ended up receiving so much more from him with his love and charisma.