15 Days of…well, not nothing

Today we canned like maniacs (39 quarts of tomatoes and 15 quarts of apples). I ran out of canning lids again, and so hubby went to the store to buy them.  It seems my hubby is a little less –um– invested in the whole ’30 Days of Nothing’ thing than I am.  He came back from the store with M&M’s and Skittles! 

 It was a treat for us, he said,  because we’d been working so hard canning all day.   He’d totally forgotten about this whole ’30 Days’ deal, but — sweet man–he did remember that ‘womans needs lots of chocolate‘. 

Did I send him back to the store to return them?  No way, no how. This evening we munched chocolate quite happily as we watched ‘Touched By An Angel’ DVD’s (borrowed from the library).

So– the running tally.  We were up to $263 before.  Then $6 for candy and $16 for canning jar lids.  

I’m kind of conflicted about putting the canning lids on the grocery list, because we are not eating that food this month.  But it was money spent at the grocery store, so I’ll toss them in anyway. 

That brings us up to $285 for the month.  I’m really hoping not to go above $300.  But we are only half way through the month, so I’m not holding out a terrible lot of hope.

Meals Today

Breakfast: Migas, toast, OJ

Lunch:  leftovers (stroganoff, stirfry) grapes.

Dinner:   Tamale Pie (made 2, froze 1), grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes.


So– an Opinion Saturday question. How about something silly?   Look around your house, and spot the item in your home in the oddest, most irrational, doesn’t-belong-here location.  

For example, at the moment, compliments of my one year old, there is a sippy cup on the edge of my bathtub and a toothbrush on my living room floor. 

But I bet someone can do better than that.   I’m giving the Very Interesting Person Award this week, and you have until Tuesday evening to spot something odd around your house and tell me about it.

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  1. Oh we have a tent (yes, a form of accommodation normally used while camping in the great outdoors) set up in our living room. DD realised the other day that she didn't get the camping trip that was promised to her so she insisted we put the thing up immediately. It's kinda funny, she made herself a sandwich and juice and camped out 🙂 She says she will sleep there with daddy tonight, let's see how it goes!

  2. well, i made a blog entry about this, had to take a few pictures. check it out on my site. 🙂

  3. I just found my wedding photo album in the kids' toybox. Why, I have NO idea! And being me, I didn't return it to the shelf where it belongs, so now the photos are sitting on top of a counter. Good grief!

  4. Right now some leftover ceramic tiles are in the bathtub, and my daughter's pajamas are in the bathroom sink. Not sure why.

  5. What a fun idea! I'm going to start looking….

  6. Ok, I have a swimming diaper on my desk and toothpaste on the tv unit. My house is full of stuff like this…oh, I also see Matzo crackers on the desk too. Wow, 39 quarts of tomatoes!! That is so awesome. We have been doing some canning this year and are just getting to tomatoes tomorrow. Here is an odd question, how many tomatoes (bushels or cups or whatever) did you use to get 39 quarts?

  7. Well, at the moment, there is a plastic container holding about 25 cicada exoskeletons that my kids collected in the yard sitting on the computer cabinet. They are staring at me as I type.

    Now let me take a better look around. Be right back…
    There are two small carved wooden animals from Kenya in my bathroom sink, my 7- year-olds tattered blankie on top of the refrigerator, a mini-trampoline in my dining room, a paper mache' model of a beaver dam lying on the steps next to a Chewbacca, and a $50 savings bond lying on my bed.

    Oh, and there's a fresh pan of brownies on the counter… gotta go!

  8. Ruth,

    It was about two bushels. You can get about 20 quarts, usually, from a bushel

  9. Oh golly, which odd thing to pick…

    I think I'll have to go with the boat trailer tire and rim perched on a horizontal broom handle that's been duck taped to folding chairs on both ends.

    You may ask, "Why on earth would this particular arrangement be setting next to the downstairs bar?"

    My kids made their own version of "Wheel of fortune" and used the tire to spin idiotic questions to ask their parents.

    Wasn't that obvious?

  10. By the way, I think you're doing great on the 30 Days of Nothing. I'm participating too, but have found it is VERY hard. I was calling it "seven days without pizza delivery" for a bit. But we're learning all the same. Still haven't psyched myself up for a day of only rice, though…

  11. How funny…I just did a post on this last night. I didn't copy you, honest! 🙂

    So, I guess I'll pick one or two of mine

    A bee frozen in a cup of ice in our freezer

    Last night, DD #2 brought an egg (raw, in shell) to bed with her. She wrapped in her blankie thinking I wouldn't know it was there. Luckily, I found out about it before she fell asleep with it!

  12. -We have a garage organizer (the kind with slots for shovels, rakes and other long handled tools) in front of the big chair in our front room. My husband received it Thursday for his birthday and it was promptly turned into a fort. It's been too fun to take down yet.

    There is a garlic press on the plant stand and last night I heard a rattling noise while climbing into bed. this morning I spotted salad tongs an an orange peeler next to my bed. Can you tell which drawer our one year old likes to play in?

    There is a 750g container of sea salt and a smaller bottle of cayenne pepper on the train table. said one year old found them on the bottom shelf of the pantry and has been carrying them around all morning asking "what's this?"

    ps, I think our little ones are about the same age.

  13. Well, I read about this contest earlier today, so I went looking around the house for anything that was really out of place. Of course, we just got home from vacation, so there are many things that are out of place but nothing that was too weird.

    Then, just now, I opened the fridge so that I could start preparing dinner. I looked on the bottom shelf and saw a box of Ziploc bags sitting there. I thought that maybe Hubby had gotten in a hurry this morning and accidentally put the Ziploc bags in the fridge and that I was probably going to find the bologna in the cabinet. However, when I looked in the box, I realized that one of the children must have put it there because it contained;
    an orange colored pencil, a Disney Princess pencil, a black crayon, a stick of Coppertone Kids Lip Balm, a stick of Burt Bee's Lip Shimmer, and 3 Super Absorbency tampons….no Ziploc bags.


  1. […] For Opinion Saturday I asked people to describe some item in their home that they found in an odd location.  I chuckled through all your entries.  But when I got to Nicki (Living In My Mind)’s story of finding tampons in the fridge, I knew I had my winner.  Nicki, you’re my Very Interesting Person this week!  […]