Day 7

Shopping: $7 (onions and milk) 

It was strange to go into Walmart with such purpose and such a short list.  I found myself walking slowly and looking around longingly,  browsing even though I was really determined not to buy more.  Made me realize how much an addiction shopping can become… I was also amazed to discover that the gas tank on our van was still almost full.  I’ve gone almost nowhere this week!


Breakfast:  Apple muffins, OJ

Lunch: leftover pasta, apples

Dinner: Ethiopian food- Injera  and Doro wat , Shiro wat , and sour cream.   Mmm, mmm….my injera turned out great– amazing what following the recipe exactly will do!

Books:   Grace-Based Parenting:  Tim Kimmel looks really good.  However, we went to the library today AND the book my friend loaned me came today too:  There Is No Me Without You.  It looks wonderful–I can’t wait to get into that!!

Activities: This evening we talked a bit about water and the challenges people around the world face to get water.  Tonia at Intent shared these resources : Small Change for Big Change – Water and Blood:Water Mission that we are going to look at in the morning. I think we’ll also pull out the book ‘Hungry Planet’ and look at it again. 

I’m trying to get up enough gumption to sleep on the living room floor with the kids one night soon.  Oh, I like my mattress, but I suspect it would be a memorable experience and another chance to count our blessings… And the little kids would love it!

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  1. You should sleep on hte floor one night its actually a lot of fun. Camp out this weekend

  2. Your dinner sounds great. We have made Injera and Doro Wat. The Shiro Wat sounds interesting…we will try that next. My kids love to sleep somewhere else in the house, occasionally, it is fun!

  3. Would you like me to try and find some pics of my mission trip to Honduras? What really stuck out to me was the waste we have in the US. These people PILE their trash everywhere because there is no formal trash system. Then they try to burn it; plastic, feminine products, TP, etc. No TP goes in the toilets. You cannot imagine the smell. So bad for you too. Imagine saving your trash for the whole month or having to burn everything you waste.
    We are such a blessed nation!

  4. Hi Mary:
    I was a little surprised that you mentioned you shop at Walmart.
    I understand that Walmart is often the only shopping alternative in rural areas, but I feel that Walmart intimately connected with consumerism:
    – Walmart destroys a lot of job in communities by pushing local shops out of business.
    – Walmarts pays wages below average, allows no unions and discriminates against women.
    – Walmarts promotes consumerism by floading us with cheap goods — you mentioned yourself that you were surprised to walk out of Walmart spending only $7.00.
    – Walmart also destroys and pollutes communities in China and other low-wage countries by creating "production centers", huge factories that are depending only on Walmart.
    – Walmart uses an obscene amount of fuel to move their goods around the country.

    Again, I don't want to be "hollier-than-thou" – I shop a local department store, but perhaps there is a good economic lesson in there your kiddos?!