Our jungle/garden/weedpatch

Seems like we do pretty well keeping up with our garden till about mid-July.  But by the end of July it is so consistently hot around here that we kinda give up on the weeds.  So by September, here is what we end up with.  Yeah, there are tomatoes somewhere in there. 

But we’ve found as long as we keep up till July, the plants have enough of a jump on the weeds that we get plenty of produce, even among the weeds. Below:  Apples- Jonathan and Sweet Sixteen

 Above– red flame grapes in the arbor looking towards the back of our house.

Below-Concord grapes, cucumber flowers, little gourds, our best watermelon ever, pumpkin, cucumbers ready for pickling.

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  1. Oh I want to come for a visit, I've never eaten grapes off the vine!

  2. I love the pic of the pumkpin, just peeking out.

    I wish I could garden, with my black thumb.

  3. I love the pic of the pumkpin, just peeking out.

    I wish I could garden, with my black thumb.

    Did I mention that I have killed cucmbers and zucchini.

    Is that even possible?

  4. We have some concord grapes here, but they haven't turned purple yet. Usually that happens in the middle of October! I wish I was better at gardening, I always have great intentions and nothing ever happens. Maybe next year.

  5. YUM! My garden was very sad this year, but I did get an abundant supply of blackberries that I am going to make jam with!

    We have green grapes and they aren't fabulous…those purple grapes have my mouth watering!

  6. Wow – what a beautiful garden. I'm jealous. I planted some tomatoes and cucumbers awhile ago but now – I have no idea where they are. And the lemon tree I thought we planted – seems to be bearing some sort of unidentifiable fruit…

  7. kelli and sweatpantsmom– don't feel bad. it isn't paradise here either. Our raspberries were decimated by bores this year — we'll have to replant next year, I think–some of our cabbage rotted before we picked it–and our zuchini, though prolific, is loaded with squash bugs!


  8. I'm still amazed at your skills. Do you spray your apple trees with anything? Our tree had pleanty of apples with pleanty of holes in them.

  9. All the goodies looks so yummy.
    When my dad had a garden, the weeds always took over.
    I remember one time he was sitting on the front porch with his feet up on the railing drinking some iced tea. He was looking out over the patch where he had been in all morning, and from the porch, it looked like nothing had moved.
    "When I march on to meet my Maker, first thing I'm gonna ask Him is why the weeds always Win!" is what he exclaimed.

    And the grapes, oh my!
    Our minister told a story just last Sunday about grapes.
    He says a relative in South Dakota decided to change part of his farm over to grapevines for a making a wine vineyard.

    This did not set too well with church Elders, so they decided maybe the minister should pay a visit.
    One of the main questions was "You growing all those grapes so your wife can make jelly for the Relief Sale?"

  10. Hi Brooke,
    After years of worms, and my husband threatening every year to cut the trees down, I finally last year got serious and sprayed the apple trees with Sevin–about 4 times both last year and this year. Last year only about 1/3 of the apples were wormy and this year it looks like maybe one out of every dozen or so has been nibbled… I am really thrilled with how beautiful they look!

    there's a saying that there's no such thing as a good organic apple, and I think that's true. Unless you want worms, you have to spray.


  11. Wow, Mary, I am impressed with all that lovely produce! There is a really easy way to make grape juice–you fill the jars 1/2 full of concord grapes, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar and then fill the jar with boiling water. Then you water bath the jars for 25 minutes. When you are ready to use the juice you just strain the grapes, add 1/2 jar of water and drink–it is so good and so easy! Let me know if you want more info!

  12. Oh that is sooo awesome! My son really wants to grow stuff like that but it's so hot here in AZ that we couldn't keep up with it. Maybe someday! I love the pictures though : )

  13. Mary, Thanks for showing us your garden at the END of the year, too! I've been admiring your garden all summer via the internet. Mine looks real similar to yours this time of the year…and it made me feel a lot better to know that great gardeners like yourself still have a few weeds. I'm glad to hear your daughter is adjusting to college life….are you yet?

  14. Looks yummy! Would love to have a garden like that!

  15. Wow, yum! Apples and grapes too…you really are a gardening genius! We had squash bugs last year and since I only had a couple of plants I was out there killing them by hand and pulling their eggs off the leaves-pretty gross.

    That watermelon is making my mouth water!

  16. These pic's look like they came from a magazine. Your produce looks absolutely wonderful!! Does it taste even half as good as it looks?? YUMMY!!!

  17. Mary,

    I love your garden! That's really amazing. I can't even keep house plants alive. 😉 Enjoy the fruits of your labor. They look delicious!

  18. I just today planted out our vege garden ,it nice seeing how it will look in arounf 8 to 12 weeks from now

  19. WOW!!! 🙂