The Joy of Little Girls

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And speaking of little girls, here for the benefit of the grandparents is a story my 4 year old dictated to me this morning:

If I Can Find my Nut


Once upon a time there was a squirrel in the forest and he was hoping to get a nut. And the squirrel heard that bushy sound. And it was just a pile of leaves that was crumpling and it was just a person shuffling and he had heard that again. And then it was a chocolate leaf and he picked it up and put it in his pocket.  He took it out of his pocket and he heard that stomping and it was just thunder. SO he went back into his tree. Then he safely got a hidden nut and then he got to sleep.

And The End

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  1. Cute story!! It's great that you wrote it down.

  2. This is PRECIOUS. That bushy sound always makes me jump too.

  3. yes, ma'm, I am going to get that picture and link right now. Iv'e been meaning too since you've first posted . .. so here I go!