WordPress questions

A couple people have asked me things about wordpress…

Someone asked how I did a trackback with wordpress, from one of my posts to another of my posts, and the answer is that I didn’t do a thing– I think wordpress automatically makes its own trackback when it notices a link in one post to a wordpress post.   I think.   Someone smarter please clue me in if I am wrong.

The second question came from someone wondering how I got my own header picture in the wordpress template.   The answer is that some wordpress templates allow you to import your own picture, and some don’t.   So if you are thinking of switching to wordpress and want a header unique to you, choose one of the templates that allow you to import a picture.   The name of my template (or theme, as wordpress calls them) is Blix 0.9.1   I am not sure which other templates allow pictures.

 Other questions?  I’m on a roll….

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  1. So, how are you liking the WordPress? Would you recommend it for the techologically impaired?

  2. How do you activate the word confirmation for comments? You know how the commenter has to enter random letters for the comment to be sent? How to activate that. 🙂

  3. I think they have a lot of spam protection built-in. I have got a total of 4 spams since I started my blog, and all were caught and put into a special folder for me without me even doing anything. None of them showed up on the blog. They also have extra protection if needed– read about it here http://akismet.com/personal/