The definition of eclectic

Providing background music for our trip, here are the 3 most recent additions to my hubby’s mp3 player

MMHMM: Relient K

 ABBA – Gold: Greatest Hits

 Gold and Wax: Gigi

 What’cha added to your play list lately?

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  1. Love Abba!
    My husband loves downloadiing stuff onto the old computer playlist…he's been reliving the 80's lately. I'm not a big 80's fan but Abba…loved it then- love it now! 🙂

    I'm too out of it to know anyone current though…;)


    My Cubicle has been my theme song lately, you can listen to it online at the above link

  3. Just added "Crystal Gayle: Nobody called" this morning. Abba is awesome, my four year old loves them!