My kids this evening…

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  1. Each one of your daughters has a beauty that's all her own. Thank you for sharing, Mary.

  2. those are the most beautiful pictures…

  3. Beautiful!

  4. wow! Wow! WOW!

    Psalm 127:3-5

  5. You are so very blessed, you have beautiful children! Sometimes I get stressed out with my twins, I applaud you for having 8! We need more people like you and your husband in this world 🙂 Thanx for visiting my blog!!!

  6. a great reminder of what life and all your hard work is for!

  7. Thanks for sharing a peek into your life. I enjoy reading and seeing pictures like these!

  8. Every single photo is amazing. My word, what a gift for photography you have. You've captured each child's individual beauty and it all comes together as one gorgeous family. Lucky lucky you!

  9. What a beautiful family! Your two oldest girls look so much like you!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  11. You have a very beautiful family! Is your daughter's hair crimped? I so remember doing that as a kid.

  12. You have a gorgeous family…

  13. What a gorgeous set of kids you've got!

  14. Such a beautiful, vibrant family! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your littlest is so gorgeous. It's fun to watch her grow up as my Ethiopian babe is so similar in age. We're a little jealous of all of her hair, though! My S still has only half as much to put into her beloved "bar-ETTES!" and "ballies!"

  15. Your family if beautiful!! You are amazing people, so many children need safe, loving homes and you have opened yours with loving arms. God Bless you:))

  16. gorgeous 🙂

  17. You have a good-looking clan!!

  18. simply beautiful ♥