Think Pink

Months ago my (then) 3 year old told me she wanted her room painted pink. She has mentioned it every week or two since then. In May I promised to paint it after her birthday. That was three weeks ago.

Last night it hit me that at the rate I was (not) going, she’d outgrow the longing for a pink room before I ever got around to fulfilling it. And somehow, in 18 years of parenting, I’ve never painted a room pink. I realized that if we missed this window of opportunity, I’d be as sad as she.

So this morning we went to Walmart and picked pink paint. I showed her 5 paint chips that were in the range I had in mind and she instantly zeroed in on Watermelon. Happily, that was the one I liked best too, and within a minute we were on the way to the paint counter.

I spent the afternoon painting. I got a first coat on half the room. It glows. My husband is going to gulp when he sees it. But I love it. And most importantly she loves it.

My girl is getting her pink room.

What are you putting off doing with your child? Is there a good reason not to do it? Time flies–don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Pictures coming…

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  1. My girl has every wall a different color and gems glued everywhere as a border….it is a fun room, and it thrilled her so it was all worth it. My husband's response was "if you like it then I guess I do to".

  2. I have a girl whose room is pink. Not only PINK but with butterflies flying around the ENTIRE baseboards and mid-walls. I use rubber stamps and acrylic paints to do it. Took me all of 3 hours, spaced over 3 days. I would be glad to send you the stamps if you would like to use them. Just promise to send them back. (we use them to make cards for soldiers)

    If you e-mail me directly, I'll be glad to show you a picture of Micaela's room. She loves it. In her own words, "it's peaceful" (and she's right, her room is a sanctuary from her brothers.)

  3. Oh Lord! I guess I better get those guinea pigs! I've been putting off the request for, um. . . ah . . . gulp . . .
    two years!!

    Okay, Mary as soon as we get back from vacation, guinea pigs it is!
    Oh, and bring the fish back!

  4. A new dresser….yup, that's what I've been putting off for BigBro. I'll be making a trip to Target in the morn'! Thanks, Mary :-)C

  5. Good job, Mom! I bet your little girl is tickled pink. 🙂

  6. My daugher has "bikini bottom blue" from the spongebob collection. Can't wait for the pictures and did I mention that Wendy sent me?
    Nice to meet you!

  7. well considering mine is 10 months old….i think he wants held all the time…but i think for his own good i will refrain from that….

  8. Watermelon??? I can't wait to see what this looks like. My 19-month-old daughter has a pink room (which we affectionately call the Pepto-Bismol room), and you're right–I did it because I wasn't sure she'd still want it in a few years!

  9. We're trying to sell our house. My 5 year old's room used to be painted like a child's crayola picture complete with green grass all around, blue sky with clouds for the ceiling, apple trees, stick figures, butterflies, etc. Because our real estate agent felt that this was probably not a selling feature, we finally convinced her that pink would make her happy. It did! And I'm sure your daughter will be happy too! How'd you make it this far as a mom without a pink room????

  10. Aw, that sounds like a fun project with a big payoff. Cool! 🙂

  11. well the wife described the room, but I had already stole the post idea, head over to my blog to see teh photos of our kids room:

  12. Thanks for the reminder. There are so many things that are fairly simple that we put off or think are a chore when in fact it will bring such pleasure to someone else. As a girl I would have loved a pink room, but my mom thought my sister and I would love an outlandish room and it was pink, orange and yellow.

  13. My daughter is so desperate for any colour other than builder's white. We've been promising colour since we built the house almost a year ago. She loves pink! We collect the colour cards every time we head into home depot or Rona. This was supposed to be the summer to decorate… we'll have to see. We're still trying to put up the wiring in our livingroom, we'd like a kitchen soon!!

    I like to read up on colours and what each mean etc, I'm the daughter of a designer… You know the colour behaviour charts? You eat more in a red room, less in a blue room, move faster in an orange room etc… pink is actually an aggressive colour – animals have turned on each other (eaten) under a pink light…. weird I know and never the reason not to do something. Just one of the many pointless trivia things in my head.

  14. Can't wait to see pictures. Watermellon room! LOVE IT!

  15. You inspire me. My DD is longing to read the ENTIRE Junie B. Jones series. I put it off because the grammer MAKES.ME.SICK. I am going to get off the computer and read it to her right now.

    We have a pink bedrooom too. Ours is called "Prarie Pink". Kind of dusty. She was so happy!

    Please post pictures ASAP!

  16. After having two boys, I was so thrilled to do a pink room! My daughter got her pink 2 years ago – I'd best describe it as "Pepto" pink! I painted it before moving into this house, before carpet had been laid or anything. I finished it after dark one evening. I was astonished! I figured anyone passing by the house would see a pink glow from her room it was so, well… PINK! It toned down nicely when we added carpet and doors and furniture! It scared me for a minute though!!

  17. Awww-that is so precious and inspiring too. I'm so glad you shared that little story.