Game One–VIP ABC’s

OK– this week I have a new game to play. I’m fascinated with where my readers live. I know I’m getting visits from all over, but l’d love to hear from more people.

So here’s the plan — I’d like to see if I can get 2 comments representing each letter of the alphabet, with one commenter being from inside the USA and one commenter being from a foreign country for each letter. People can go by the name of their city, their state or their country.

If you go by your city, please tell me what country or state you are from too. I’d like to be able to look at the map with my kids afterwards and point generally to where people are from.

So, for example, for the letter A we could hear from Australia and Arkansas, B could be Belgium and Boston, etc. Make sense? You DON’T have to go by alphabetical order, but do BEGIN YOUR COMMENT with the letter of the alphabet you are claiming so that people can quickly scan through comments and see if ‘their’ letter is used up yet.

I have no idea if this will even work, but we’ll give it a whirl. I’m going to leave this at the top of my of my blog for a few days to give you a chance to comment on this. On Sunday, I’ll choose one Very Interesting Person to win my VIP award. Sound fun? Let’s give it a whirl…

So who’s going first?

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  1. Kansas (In the Kansas City Metro) I'd use my suburb, but I think you'll get the s's for sure.

    Fun game.

  2. Georgia — the Peach State.

  3. I can take S or U. I am in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  4. P for Pennsylvania

  5. A is for Acworth. It is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia…northwest of Atlanta.

  6. C – I'll go for my city since we'll only be here for another week. Concord (CA).

  7. O for Oregon City, Oregon

  8. Cambridge, UK. Great blog!

  9. U- Utah

    Wendy can be Salt Lake City.

  10. Oakland, CA

  11. T- for Texas!!

  12. Manteno (Illinois)

  13. Ontario, Canada. I know you have 2 O's if one of them is outside the US then I could be K (just wasn't sure about sharing the city name…)

  14. (R)Rockledge, Florida

  15. Lansing, Michigan

  16. W – West Virginia

  17. B for Bethlehem. It's in Pennsylvania, but the P was already taken.

  18. N for Nouakchott or M for Mauritania…whichever you'd prefer. They're both outside the US, althought at the moment I'm not. Still, home is where your stuff is, right? So that's home for now.

  19. I – Indiana

  20. take you pick

    A – becuase it's America

    B – it's the Beautiful Carolinas

    C – it's the Carolinas

    D – because we are referred to as living "down east"

    E – for the East Coast (otherwise known as the correct coast)

    F – because we are flatlanders

    G – because it's GW Bush Country

    H – because it's as hot as another place that starts with H around here

    I – for the state of Insanity i reside

    J – for the Joy I live every day in

    K – is for the Knighthood I place my service in and strive to serve in (we ride steel ponies and call ourselves Bikers for Christ, hey it's a stretch but cut me some slack, lets see you do this list)

    L – is for the sound of Laughter that fills my home

    M – is for Mom, I came out of there 30 years ago…… I think I'm funny

    N – for the county of Nash, or the state of North Carolina

    O – Is for the Obstacles I have had to overcome to get here.

    P – is for the state of Play I continue to live in to thwart off work

    Q – is for the queer (historic definition, not modern) situations I find myself in all the time

    R – for the city Rocky Mount

    S – is for the South

    T – because we are called the Twin Counties

    U – is for Undieing Love for my wife and family

    V – is for Victory, whichis the place I strive to remain

    W – for the "World"

    X – For the Greek sympol of Christ the completion and origin of all things.

    Z – ZZZZZ is for how I put you all to sleep with this list

    I know it's not eactly the game mary was playing, but having to go through withdrawl from Mary for this long………. well Ihad to kick this game up a notch….

    O – because we are the Outer Banks parie

  21. V – How about V for Vero Beach Florida? I don't think you will get to terribly many of them!!

  22. I live in Bay, Arkansas, USA, so whichever letter needs to be used. 🙂

    Enjoy Churh Camp!!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Silverlake (the area in Los Angeles, CA). look for it on the map near the downtown area of Los Angeles and Doger Stadium.

  24. H–Houston, Texas

  25. N! I claim N! For Northern Ontario!
    Or… W for Way-in-the-middle-of-Nowhere.
    It's very pretty here, though!

  26. South Africa, since C for Cape Town has already been used! Have fun with the atlas!

  27. F for France and for fun! This is fun 🙂

  28. Anonymous says:

    V – there's #2
    for Vermilion, Alberta, Canada!

  29. D is for Doniphan…Doniphan, Missouri that is! God's country is what we call it here.

  30. N – New Zealand!! I live in Wellington, at the bottom of the North Island (it's also the capital city). Love your blog and think your kids are gorgeous 🙂 ~ Fi

  31. H – you need another H. Hamilton County, Indiana. (Noblesville, to be exact)

  32. Starkville, Mississippi!

    I'm the first from Mississippi! I just found you via LargerFamilies, so be prepared for my random comments! I'm enjoying your blog so far!

  33. South Bend, Indiana

  34. (E)lk Creek, which is in Taylorsville, in Spencer County, in Kentucky!

  35. Taiwan — HouJuang Area in DaLiao Township in KaoHsiung County

    –uh that means small farming area (famous for pineapple) right outside the island's 2nd largest city (population of city: 1.5 million) but most crowded (over 6,027 people per square mile!!).

  36. I could take Q – Queensland (state) or B for Brisbane (city) depending on who else comes to play.
    Either way I'm a long time lurker from Australia.

  37. Cool Blog. H-Honolulu, Hawaii

  38. These letters have been taken, but, oh well, I'll share them anyway 🙂
    Boone, North Carolina

    Great blog, by the way.

  39. Anonymous says:

    R… Rochester, New York

  40. J- Johnson City (TN)

    Love to read your blog Mary!

  41. I'll take the

    A for Arizona

    P was already taken…Phoenix

  42. D for Deutschland 🙂

  43. M for Middletown, Connecticut. Which is actually where I work, but where I use the computer most. I live in Vernon, CT, but both V and C were already used.

  44. U for Ukraine
    K for Kharkiv.
    Have fun!

  45. S-Sweden. I love reading your blog. Thanks for your daily words!


  46. T? Have I seen a T in the states? I saw Taiwan. I'm in Tennessee! Knoxville to be specific.

  47. Anonymous says:

    North Bend
    Coos County
    Take your pick!

  48. 3 + 4 more says:

    F – Fredericksburg , VA

  49. B – Broomall, PA

  50. I am D- From Denver, Colorado!