My Favorite Yard Sale Story

While visiting blogs this morning, I came across Sarah’s post He is in the Little Things. I love that God cares about the small stuff.

One of my favorite small-stuff stories involves yard saling. One time my daughter decided we should have chopsticks. This was when we were waiting for our first child from Korea to arrive. I am a cheapskate and said, well, if we find them while yard-saling today, I’ll buy them. Fat chance, right?

Well, the very first yard sale we visited had 6 pair of chopsticks for a couple bucks.

What a lesson for my daughter– and for me– that God DOES care about the little stuff.

Since then, whenever we have a specific need, I try to remember to pray about it before we walk out the door to a yard sale. Often we find just what we need. Recent examples? That $5 fridge we found for my college-bound daughter last weekend and the $1 bucket of beads that made perfect party favors for my 4 year old’s princess party.

They were to me just more examples of the way God cares about and provides for even the small needs in our lives. What small good things have happened in your life lately?

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  1. So true.

    I set out this past weekend to look for homeschool materials at yard sales. The very first house we went to was being held by 3 teachers. I was able to get some reading games and many, many books.

  2. He IS in the small things! We have been saving for the adoption and got a bit behind in the savings last month. I prayed and prayed that I'd find a way to catch up so we didn't have to put the adoption off another month or two…..I found an old account we had forgotten about that had $800 in it! I'll take a bit of a penalty for withdrawling it but that actually puts us ahead!!!! Amazing isn't it!

  3. It really is amazing. A couple of weekends ago I got an outside plastic slide thingy (there's a post on my blog) at a yard sale and the woman commented that she thought it would have sold already. I thought to myself well, I did ask God to hold one for me this morning! I need to take lessons from you on how to get even better bargains though!

  4. Hey Mary, Here's some more 'good fortune' for you. Your lovely picture is posted at

  5. What a beautiful story. Those little moments of God's grace feel so huge, don't they?
    I bought a very ugly chair at a yard sale this weekend, btw. VERY UGLY.

  6. Anything is a little thing to the One Who created everything.

  7. My mom wanted to get a football shirt of a particular Eagles player for my son, and she prayed she would find one at a yard sale…. of course she did! I wanted to get him an easel for painting… and found one at a yard sale. While I was discussing the price with the owner he was pushing a pink toy baby stroller around the yard, pretending it was a lawn mower. I bought it for $2 and they threw in the babydoll for free. Turns out that is one of his favorite toys, and he named the baby Megan. She helped him get ready to be a big brother and he still carries her around!

  8. “Isn’t it great that God gave us that little gift?” I asked my daughter.

    Our family was playing a round of miniature golf. My 6 year old son is very competitive but also knows how to enjoy a game even when not winning. He was having a great time but was still trying hard to keep score. He had played pretty well; however, as we neared the last hole, he realized that he was the only one in the family who had yet to hit a “hole-in-one.”

    On the 18th hole, our last hole, he lined up and hit his shot, and as we all held our breath…..he got his “hole-in-one!” It didn’t matter that his dad had helped him hit the shot, he threw down his putter and with tears of joy, shouted victoriously, “ONE! ONE! ONE!”

    “Isn’t it great that God gave us that little gift?” I said to my eldest daughter. “Whew! Yes!” She said that she had been praying in earnest for that last shot. I was touched by her and by God. She knew how much a “hole-in-one” meant to her little brother and so had lifted this smallest nerdy request up to God. “Please, please! God, could he just hit this “hole-in-one?!” And God, who cares about the tiniest detail in our lives, gave her and my son (and me!), that small sweet gift.

  9. I was praying for a jogging stroller for several days, and then someone from my local freecycle offered one and I got it. 🙂

    Thanks, Lord!

  10. Mary, thank you for so much link love! I'm adding you to my sidebar; I thought I already had (new baby=fewer brain cells). Speaking of Him being in the "little" things, Addison got weighed today–6 pounds, 4 ounces. That's little to the rest of the world, but oh so big to us! Only 4 more pounds until she can have her heart surgery:)

  11. My son really wants a Thomas the Tank Engine pinata at his 4th party. We decided to make one instead of buying the $15 one at Party City. We went to Big Lots to buy balloons today and we found big packs of Thomas stickers to decorate our homemade pinata for way less than any Thomas stickers I have ever seen before. He was SO excited!

  12. so mary, check out the local county paper and go to the vintage sale marked there…you may meet a fellow blogger or two and the deals are to DIE for!!!!

    (i like the story you gave on this too…but meant to "invite" you earlier…and had to tonight! Hope you get this!)

  13. My son and his friend from across the street recently went to see "Cars". His friend got a toy truck from the movie in a box of cereal, and I overheard my son say, "Now we just need a Lightning McQueen" (the red racecar from the movie).
    I was grocery shopping today (payday! woo hoo!) and picked up a box of cereal that had "Cars" on the front and I said a quick prayer that the car he wanted would be in there. Guess what toy we got??? 🙂

  14. I'm so glad I serve a God who is into the small things – I decided to take the kids to the zoo – on the way there I told them "we don't have a lot of extra money that's why we packed our lunch" they said "OK" but asked if we could go to the petting zoo – costs extra – I reminded them why we couldn't then said let's go in the next building – A lady came up and said it is time for our group to leave and we haven't had time to go to the petting zoo or ride the train are you interested in our tickets?
    She gave us a stack of tickets – so many that we took what we needed and were able to bless another family who went to go in the petting zoo and turned around because of how much it would be for them to get in!! It was a great day with the kids!!

  15. I know a parking space is a really small thing, but Jesus gave us two really great ones today — just when we had so much to carry it would have been difficult to have trekked it further. Thank you Jesus, for caring about the little things!