A Page With My New Gadget

Here’s a page I did for my oldest daughter. Click on the page to go to a larger view if you want to read the words. I usually cram lots of photos on a page, but along with starting to learn digital scrapbooking, I am experimenting with ideas I read in the book Clean And Simple Designs for Scrapbooking.


  1. Is this digital or hand done???

  2. So, that's really fun. I'm trying to think what can't be done with the computer these days.

  3. It's digital.


  4. Do you print these off Mary? Or just keep them online like on a website?

  5. (Off the scrapbooking track, a bit, but….) I know your daughter will treasure those words to her for a long, long time. My mother wrote me an amazing letter before I left for college, and it is one of my most prized posessions. 🙂

  6. Very nice Mary.

  7. I've never even heard of digital scrapbooking. Where do you do that?

  8. For the 12×12 pages, I'll need to get them printed someplace– I've heard Costco is an affordable option. But I am thinking of switching over to 8-1/2 by 11 albums, in which case I can use my own printer at home.

    TXMommy, read the post just belwo this, and visit FlipFlop's website– she explains it all.


  9. this is so cool!!! I need to do this!! I think I would enjoy this more than lugging out ALL my stuff!! and now all my pics are on the computer anyways!!!

  10. YES!! Georgous!!

    …and you can do it all in 8 1/2 X 11. I found these really cute little albums 8 x 8, I'm going to try those soon. I love the smallness of them.

  11. Very cool! I'm very interested in this but I've never actually seen a completed page before…and well what a beautiful page it is. Thanks for sharing!!