I’m From (last one)

And last but not least, my fabulous 18 year old! (And thanks, everyone, for your comments– the kids are loving the feedback!)

I am from lush, green gardens and Kleenex and the belief that you can find anything at Wal-Mart. I am from the big white house with rooms that were-neat-a-minute-ago-but-the-younger-set-just-blew-through-like-a-tornado-so-that-is-done-for.

I am from waiting for the lilacs to bloom and the hot, green smell of August tomato vines. I am from naming the vehicles after berries, (Huckle, Black, Razz, and Blue) and a whole family of good huggers.

I am from baby lovers and family trips. From “It won’t affect your salvation” and “Muddy shoes stay outside doncha know!”

I am from a small church with a family feel where everyone knows who you are even if you can’t remember them. Where most every one is taller than the pastor. From being related to a lot of people in the church. From the church where, when invited to “move with the music” we all sat like stones.

From good strong-willed Norwegian, Swedish, Belgium and German immigrant stock, with just enough Irish for a love of Celtic music and dance, where Kimbap and Injera make an unlikely appearance through adoption.

From the year my dad made his girlfriend (my mom, now) ride the bus because she might shed permed blond hair on the seats of his precious Vega. From the ingrained love of books and the beach. From a longing for travels and adventure.

From a handsome great grandpa who, after a tornado, plowed the field through all the rubble and pulled the nails out of the wood he ran over to re-plug the holes in the tires so that he keep plowing and not lose the rest of the day fixing it.

From the memories told to the kids so they will remember and the scrapbooks that hold the proof. From the from the lines of laughter around all the eyes and the perfection of the passed on looks. From identical confusing phone voices. From the love that will always keep us together.


  1. wow that was beautiful!!!! well done!!

  2. That was beautiful. And you can find everything at Wal-mart! 🙂

  3. Well done a second time. We use "it won't affect your salvation" here, LOL! 🙂 Laugh lines are wonderful. Shows truly happy people. 🙂

  4. Wow, yet again. I have loved reading your children's "Where I am From" essays. They are all gifted with your writing talent. I loved your daughter's, "anything can be found at Wal-Mart," and the story of her Grandpa's diligence. Awesome.

    Did you have your 7 year olds do it, too? They are probably too young, but it would be fun to see what they wrote at this stage in life.

    Thanks for sharing these, Mary.

  5. All of your kids did a fantastic job! They were fun to read. Thanks for sharing…


  6. This made me LOL!

    *******From the year my dad made his girlfriend (my mom, now) ride the bus because she might shed permed blond hair on the seats of his precious Vega.***********

    You must share this story!

    Your daughter is beautiful! Her writing is awesome!


  7. Your kids are very talented. They ALL have done wonderful jobs.

    It's amazing to me how much your oldest girls look like you! 🙂

  8. Great job!! These are all so beautiful and unique!! What a great family!!

  9. Your children are so talented! So articulate…and so precious! You must be such a proud mom…to many!

    🙂 Diane

  10. You have very talented children!! beautiful!

    I have completed mine. It is at http://kristenssocalledlife.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the challenge. It was one!

  11. I've saved my comments 'til last, because I was waiting just for you! I have adored all of the "I'm Froms" I've read. My lack of commenting up to this point has been because I've been so choked up after each one — then I get interrupted by little people at my house and can't comment.

    Love the laugh lines, the Celtic music and the stones in church. I grew up in the same kind of church — "movin' to the music" was unheard of!

  12. "From the memories told to the kids so they will remember and the scrapbooks that hold the proof" That gave me chills! LOVE IT!!

    I can't wait to have my children do this once they are older.

    Beautiful writing!

  13. Mary's 18yr daughter, you painted a picture with your words, and made me feel like I was there with you. Good job of capturing a word snapshot of your life.
    I share a lot of your and your families' "I am from"s. 🙂

  14. …"identical confusing phone voices…"

    This is so sweet. 🙂

  15. i'm so glad your kids have been doing this. Best Guest Bloggers ever!

  16. Beautifully written and so descriptive. Loved your cars named after berries. I had totally forgotten that my Grandma used to do that, but hers were "belles" (Lulubelle, Nelliebelle, & Daisybelle)

  17. Wonderful…each and every one!
    Even though I did not write a Comment for a couple, the readings brought forth some lip-quivering and pulse pounding.

    There are a couple things I was not able to buy at WalMart, but our new Meijer's store keeps them in stock.

  18. Your kids are amazing!! You and your husband have obviously done something right. It is so neat to see kids so in love with their family and beginnings!

    (Some of my favorites were on your son's, about how he never got to be Joseph, and how he rarely made it in time for the start of Sunday School!)

  19. Beautifully expressed!!

    You better laminate these Mary!!
    They're definitely keepers!

  20. Your children are gorgeous. I can't believe how much your older girls look like you! Like spitting images! Wow!

  21. Talent runs in the family!

  22. what precious words from one who is just getting ready to leave the safe and happy nest that she grew up in. She is definitely blessed to have grown up in such a wonderful home!

  23. You have wonderful children.

    I grew up riding in my dad's bright orange Vega, and had forgotten, until now.

  24. Goodness gracious your girls are soooo cute! And what a beautiful post they have written. I am in awww!

  25. Your girls are so pretty and such wonderful writers! Keep up the good work girls!

  26. I love it, love it, love it. Excellent writing. I especially liked the thought of little ones running through a house and making something completely clean completely dirty in an instant. I SO understand that feeling.

    One question for you. Your Dad did that and your Mom still married him? 🙂

  27. My favorite part:

    "with rooms that were-neat-a-minute-ago-but-the-younger-set-just-blew-through-like-a-tornado-so-that-is-done-for"

  28. I love reaidn these posts by your children – what a testimony to the godly, loving home you hae made for the. Such a blessed life you all have!!

    another great job of writing – your homeschooling sure worked well – you have some gifted writers!

  29. This is so good. 🙂 My favourite part is the bit about your grandfather. Sounds like something my pa would do. 🙂