“I Am From” links:

I decided to move these links up into a fresh post. Remember, the contest ends Friday evening– 6 pm Pacific time. If you want to write your own I Am From, the instructions are here Fragments From Floyd. For your reading pleasure, here are the people who’ve played so far. Let me know if I forgot to add yours.

As I See It Now: I Am From …
My Life in Bits & Pieces: Where I’m from
Children and Cheerios: I am from….
Diane’s Page: I Am From…..
LammyAnnLife : I Am From
Living iN my mind: Where I’m From
Faithful Mommy: I am from
Somewhere In The Sun: I Am From
Are we there yet?: Where I’m from
From Under the Laundry Pile: I Am From
The Mother Load: I Am From…
Magically Mama: Where I Come From
Please don’t hang up: I Am From….
Holding the Mirror up to My Soul: I Am From
Lifenut » From
Family Circus: I Am From
Just a bunch of nothin’: I AM FROM……
Fumbling for Words: I am from
Bombadee’s Garden: Where I’m From…
Mom’s Musings: Where I’m From
Chinese Take Out: I am from…..
It’s Always Something: I Am From
Mom of All Trades: I am from
Susie’s Space: I am From
Flippin’ Sweet: I am from email rainbowendy at yahoo dot com for password
She Lives: She Is From
HolyMama!: I am From…
Insight to Lala’s world: I am from
Mama’s So Called Life: I Am From
Abandoned in Pasadena: Where I’m From
Mayhem and Magic: Where I’m From
Too Many Kids=1! 2! 3! 4! No More!: I am from!
Just Peachy . . .: I Am From . . .
Singalullaby: I Am From

These are just awesome, y’all! Some snippets that come to my mind, from ones I’ve read recently include ‘the stump in the front yard perfect for making human statues’, ‘Duncan Hines frosting hidden under the bed’, and ‘napping in my grandpa’s Old Spice scented armpit.’ I love it when words are used in ways that are so unique…


  1. I did mine, too…..

    Y'all's are sooooo much better than mine though….

    Suzanne http://suzannebalvanz.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey – I joined the fun too 🙂

  3. What an incredible post from your 14 year old!

    I don't think I could do any better.

  4. I'm working on it, Mary! Hopefully I'll have it done before the deadline! 🙂

  5. Now you knew I couldn't possibly pass up an Owlhaven writing assignment!

    here it is –

  6. Hey, I think mine is missing, unless my eyes are just missing it!!(which is very possible;-)

    The link is

  7. You haven't added mine yet (people can email me for the password– rainbowendy at yahoo dot com):

  8. I just put mine up. Loved this exercise, thanks!

  9. This was such fun! Thanks for organzing this Mary. Mine is up.

  10. I did one today.
    You can view mine at

    Sandy http://abandonedinpasadena.blogspot.com/

  11. I did mine and will put it up in about 30 minutes I ahve to do A little editing. This is a great Idea I loved it!:) http://onetomanykids.blogspot.com

  12. Mine's up now, too. Thanks, Mary.

    I'm really enjoying reading these!

  13. I did mine at Just Peachy . . . Come visit!

  14. Mine is at http://www.singalullaby.blogspot.com

    really fun, Mary!

  15. I did one – kindof – I really didn't follow the rules but it was screaming to get out for a couple days now. So it's out there. Feel free to disqualify it from the contest – but still read if you want..

  16. Nancy posted a comment that I had to delete because of a wrong link. here is the actual link to her I Am From http://theultimatecreator.blogspot.com

    The other site listed is not right.