Now I Know….

.. why the Pride and Prejudice ladies looked all stringy-haired at the dance!

This evening my hubby and I went with our 18 year old to the Junior-Senior banquet for our homeschool group. All the younger ones, even the baby (!!), stayed home with our 16 year old.

It was an ‘event.’ Floor-length dresses, tuxedos, a fancy dinner, entertainment by the seniors, and finally at the end of the evening, lively old fashioned country dancing just like in Pride and Prejudice.

At first we just watched the dancing. Hubby (as usual) swore up and down he was a clutz and wanted nothing to do with it. And my daughter kept saying she just wanted to watch. But soon a gal came and dragged my daughter out. They were still searching for another person to complete the ‘square’, so I volunteered my dear friend Cindy (you know her, my nude fasting day friend). She went happily off to dance, and I thought I was off the hook. But then someone else quit and they STILL didn’t have enough people for the square, and so suddenly I found myself out there, having never country-danced OR square-danced in my life.

Let me tell ya, that is hot, sweaty work. I am quite sure that by the time the dance-caller finally called for a break and released me from the torture– I mean, the dancing– my hair was wayyy worse than Elizabeth’s. And I could not believe how HARD it was! Oh. my. I am still breathless.

But it was fun. In a head-spinning, making-an-idiot-of-yourself-and-laughing-hysterically sort of way. I might do it again.


Especially since when we got home and I was whining about my confusion over the do-si-do, my ‘I don’t like to dance’ hubby managed to explain to me in 20 seconds. Complete with a demonstration. This from the guy who’s spent two decades pretending he didn’t know how to dance.
Turkey. (she says affectionately.)


  1. Sounds like fun. Hubby and I two stepped for the first time at a birthday party back in November and it was actually fun..exhausting..but fun.

  2. Sounds like you had a really good time, Mary. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. I loved that movie and I have always wanted to learn how to dance like that!! what fun!!

  4. Sounds great! Aren't you glad you gave it a whirl (so to speak)? ;^) Some years ago I had the pleasure of contra(country)-dancing in San Francisco at a church one night. My gentlemean friend graciously gave me a few dance lessons on the sidewalk outside and we spent the evening dancing to a live band and getting to meet all sorts of people. It's one of my fondest memories. 🙂

  5. We did "English Country Dancing" at a wedding recently–same thing probably. It was very similar to square dancing. It was fun for all ages!And classier than square dancing. It was a great idea for a wedding.

    Glad you had a good time!

  6. Well I had my eyes opened Friday night too, Mary. There's John over there grinning from ear to ear. He couldn't keep the smile off his face. Then he says, Oh yeah, I did that for 3? years! You guys are SO going May 19th. I was discombobilated my first time too, But still, it's fun!! It really can be learned and I haven't done it in 2 years now and still remember much of it. Read b.e.c.k's comment, this dance is contra dancing. She said "it's It's one of my fondest memories. 🙂 "
    The first practice is this Friday and I invited 2 of your sisters too! I love you! Cindy