Rising Phoenix-like from the ashes…

…my checkbook register!! (Yeah, I know that’s not remotely a complete sentence. Deal.) But seriously, my missing and presumed burned check register has miraculously returned. No, not really from the fire. Turns out it was never in the fire at all but rather lost in the cavernous depths of my Africa bag, aka, my diaper bag.

All that calculatin’, pencil-pushin’ and head-scratchin’ for nuthin’. Ah, well….

Isn’t it a fun bag, by the way? My momma gave it to me for my birthday last year. I like it way more than some pink teddy-beary thing from BabiesRUs.


  1. That is a GREAT diaper bag. I am glad you found your check register.

  2. HOORAY! Love the bag.

  3. Beautiful bag.
    It does beat the cutesie things that companies believe a mother should tote around.
    I could use that to carry crochet supplies since I am long past the diaper stage.

    Whenever I learn someone is 'expecting' I ask if she wants brights, or pastels, or her favorite color. More than half answer something other than the usual 'baby colors'.
    I've made some lovely baby afghans and the mothers appreciate handmade and unusual.