Daring Young Mom talks this morning of a time she was — not outclassed–I am sure she was just as classy as any of the women there-but let’s say she was ‘out-fancied’.

Reminds me of a time in junior high. I was chosen to be ‘queen’ of our 4H club and had to go to some fancy-shmancy dinner for all the queens of all the 4H clubs in the area. I was excited to be invited, and dressed up a little for the occasion. That is to say, I wore a blouse, tennis shoes and a tiered cotton skirt with kittens on it. Everyone else seemed to have gotten a memo I hadn’t. They were wearing –prom dresses! I spent the entire evening desperately grateful I hadn’t worn jeans, hating the kittens on my previously much-loved skirt and trying to shove my tennis-shoe-clad feet deeper and deeper underneath the chair I was sitting on!

How about you? Can you think of a time you were out-fancied? And for other memories, go see KDub’s place.


  1. I'm a jeans and t-shirt/sweater/sweatshirt kind of girl. Always have been. So being out-fancied has never been an issue for me. I expect it, people who know me expect me to dress casually and if I find I am underdressed, at least I feel comfortable in my own "skin."

    What I hate is being over dressed. When a jeans and t-shirt girl like me is over dressed, not only does she stick out like a sore thumb, being overdressed adds humiliation to the already uncomfortable "dressed up" feeling. Oh, I hate that.

  2. Once I out-fancied others. I went to visit my now DH at college, and got all dressed up. I felt totally out of place because everyone else was in sweats, and they looked at me like I was snooty 🙁

  3. I agree with these comments, it is worse to be overdressed. Can hardly happen to me since I love my jeans and casual cotton clothes!

  4. I can just feel you "shame" and embarrassment. My heart's heavy. You know that feeling. Like you can't stop leaning forward and can't catch your breath. And EVERYONE is looking at you and your (kitten) shirt and (tennis) shoes. Ugh. Wish you would have received the memo!

    My MM is up.

  5. Oh! That story makes my chest hurt. Never in my life have I been as self conscious as I was in Junior High. The tiniest thing would make me feel like the tiniest thing. I'm glad you've gotten over that experience and moved on. 🙂 How do any of us really move on from Junior High? I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger…and more compassionate.

  6. I'm with Kim, I am such a casual person. My adult children have to remind me to dress up if it's important to them. I try to oblige when I can.

    Love the new banner!

  7. Oh man…I wore a WAY not fancy enough dress to homecoming my freshman year of college…..with short sleeves and a sash, when everyone else's were like, fun, cocktail-y dresses. And I didn't have a date. Wow, I'm like physically uncomfortable remembering that….

  8. Whoops. Freshman year of high school. I was much (ok, slightly) less self-concious by college.

  9. i like your new graphics! it's super cute. out-fancied. mhmm. i'd have to say whenever we go to my mom's house for dinner; or anywhere for dinner. it's like my husband remembers what food is *supposed* to taste like. 🙂

  10. LOL. I love my jeans. I don't want to part with them ever.

  11. Hmmm yeah I've been out-fancied before that is for sure. I've also been over-fancied before. Either way you stick out like a sore thumb and feel like an idiot. 🙂

    Mary your account of being out-fancied was hilarious. Loved the description of what you were wearing, etc.!!!

  12. YES – I remember shortly after we moved back home to Bermuda – my husband being the new doc on the block, we were invited to a black-tie event.
    Well, not really ever having been to one before, I wore a simple linen floral cocktail dress, and since it was back in the day, the kind with the big poofy sleeves…!!! Yikes. All the other women were in floor length gowns from Chanel….or so it seemed to me as I wanted to run and hide behind the nearest palm tree. Nowadays this wouldn't bother me. But we stayed and I spent the whole evening mortified.
    I thank the Lord all the time that He extricated us from those circles and we no longer do the black tie thing!!!

  13. I'm never outfancied because before I leave the house for church, conferences, whatever, I just say to myself "There will always be someone dressed up more than you, someone with more stylish clothes and hair, and you'll look great as long as you are confident!" And amazingly, I always feel like the best dressed lady there when my husband looks me up and down and says I look pretty. *whew!!*

  14. Great new banner–love the multiracial look!

    The most "recent" time I felt awkwardly underdressed was at a wedding where all the young things were in sleek sleeveless black dresses and I was wearing a skirt, with a black sweater with faux fur around the neck–so that I could nurse the five-week-old I had with me! I don't know what felt more out of place–the clothes or the infant!

  15. I think I get out fancied everyday! I have since I was a young girl, seeing how I was a terrible tom-boy, hated shoes, and clothes:), wanted to be a wild indian or wild anything, never was good at skipping rope but loved football, thought it was way more fun and challenging to beat a boy at something than to beat a girl, couldn't ever quite be a lady, ever! And now I have four boys! So I was in training? Oh well. I'm just not fancy and can't seem to care! I like to laugh too much!

  16. I would so rather be under-fanicied than over-fancied!!!! Wouldn't it have been worse to be in a prom dress while everyone else wore tennis shoes??

  17. Clothes are pretty much a non-issue for me. I just do my own thing. I try not to embarrass the 18yr daughter most of the time, but I dress for comfort and don't worry too much about how anyone else likes my wardrobe.

    Anybody looking to compete with me in the clothes department is going to be very disappointed in my lack of giving a rip, 😉 It's pretty hard to snub someone who just doesn't care if you bought your clothes at Chanel, and I bought mine at Goodwill.

    I say clean, not too wrinkled and not too much cat hair on it is a good choice for the day. 🙂