Bad Blogger.

Anyone else have trouble with Blogger being disobedient Thursday? He’s trying to hide his laziness by claiming he actually did post the below blog last evening as requested. But despite many attempts, it did not actually show up til Friday morning. I felt like someone had their hand over my mouth.

And speaking of dates, has anyone seen the dates on my page lately? I very much fear that in a fit of frenzied template remodeling I may have accidentally deleted them.


  1. Hi, momma2many! Thanks for dropping by my breathingspace Thursday. Looking forward to knowing you and your wonderful world of wonderkids better. Now you make my work look like peanuts. 😉 Blessings, ~K.

  2. I'm getting my blog "redesigned", but I'm thinking about finding a new home far away from Blogger.

    Yes, I had some problems yesterday, moreso today. And as for the header date? I think mine used to be bold. I just noticed a few days ago it wasn't anymore, can't figure out why. Grrr…

  3. Yes!! Glad to hear it wasn't my supposedly "bad" html…a mere little "a href" deal…I KNEW it was blogger all along!

  4. Ack blogger is so frustrating at times. Thursday was just horrible, it wouldn't post my blogs OR any pics.
    There's no way I could have been making so many ERRORS (thanks a lot blogger) LOL

  5. I don't see any dates. And yes, blogger is being weird. Very weird.

  6. I hate blogger! Really I am so sick of it.

  7. I had trouble getting on blogger sites thurs. I thought it was my computer. glad it wasn't.

  8. Mary,
    Yep, blogger was being a snot yesterday. It reversed the order of the blogs I posted, and refused to let me change it.
    Also, for some reason, it would not let me view Jeana's blog at all, kept throwing up a page that said I was FORBIDDEN ACCESS TO THIS SITE. Kind of hurt my feelings for a while, till I figured out it was the demon blogger, LOL. It was REALLY slow, too, and a couple of other blogs I visit never did open for me.

    And, nope, no dates of any kind on your blog that I can see. Time posted is on there, at the bottom of each post, but no date.

  9. Mine was messed up too and I even restored my computer back to another date thinking it was me. Glad to know it wasn't.

  10. I am sick of blogger. I need to find a more stable home for my blog.

  11. I was having trouble viewing sites and posting comments. As far as your dates, I see none.