Treasure Tuesday

I’m participating in Faithful Mommy’s: Treasure Tuesday! One of my ‘thing’ treasures is my photographs. On the post below I shared one of my grandpa that got more treasured today. And here are a few others.

5 oldest at Halloween in 1998

My family Christmas 1998/ #4 with his fish in 1997

Holding my dad’s hand in 1972/#6 with piggy in 2000

#7 and me in 2004/ Hubby and firstborn in 1988

And last but not least, my baby, 3 days ago.


  1. Cute pictures!! My Tuesday Treasure is a picture too!

  2. You're children are exceptionally beautiful. I enjoyed the pictures.

    So sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to say goodbye to him.

  3. My pictures are true treasures as well.

    Thank you for 'sharing' your grandfather with us. I pray that you feel peace, comfort and love during this time. {hugs}

  4. Those pictures are all beautiful. Sorry to hear about your grandfather think it's wonderful to know that he is in heaven. It's too bad it seems to be so hard on those of us who stay behind and miss our loved ones.

  5. Those pics are great!

  6. AWWW. How sweet. My pics are also among my favorite treasures. thanks for sharing. It is great to see all of the sweet things that become our treasures.

  7. Awww – our greatest earthly treasures from God. Very sweet pictures!
    So sorry about Grandfather. PTL you will indeed see him one day again in eternity!

  8. Oh, those pictures become more precious each passing day, don't they?

    How is your family doing? I prayed for you and your loved ones this morning. Celebrate your grandpa's life–he's left a wonderful legacy of faith for your sweet little ones.

  9. In case of fire, grab the kids then grab the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. Heth, Yup, that's my priority– first the kids, then the photos. and everyone, thanks for the thoughts and prayers for our family. I appreciate it.


  11. Ooooh– My favorite is the last one. She is just beautiful.

    I love "family in front of the Christmas tree" pictures, too.

  12. Pictures are precious to me, as well. I especially love the one of your baby, J! She is so beautiful! Your little boy holding the guinea pig is super cute, too.

  13. Your children are adorable-wonderful pictures.

    The babies eyes are so captivating.