If I Only Had A Brain

This morning I decided to dig out my bill-paying corner and get some bills paid. Dragged the whole caboodle out to the kitchen counter and started sorting. Made a heap of junk I didn’t need: old magazines, bill stubs, credit card offers, etc. Got some bills paid. Ran the envelopes out to the mailbox. I was on a roll. Making progress.

It was a cool morning. The fire was going. As I was finishing up, and getting the counter cleared off, I grabbed the heap of junk I didn’t need and tossed it in the fire. Brushed my hands off, feeling good about the space I’d reclaimed on my desk.

I then turned back to the kitchen counter to clear off the last remaining things: the calculator, the checkbook…

The checkbook….

It was while putting away the checkbook that I got the first inkling of something wrong. The check register was missing.

A frantic search ensued, during which I became less and less able to deny the awful truth. I had BURNED MY CHECK REGISTER in the fire! I fell to my knees, peering in, hoping ridiculously that maybe something still remained. But alas, all that greeted my eye was a heap of white ash in the midst of the merrily blazing fire.

So tomorrow I devote my morning to painstakingly reconstructing a month’s worth of banking. And wishing, like the scarecrow, that I only had a brain.


  1. Bless your heart, like you didn't already have enough on your plate.

    Any chance you can access your account online and check out what checks have cleared? Then you can check back daily to record the new ones as they clear, and check your balance.

    Maybe that will help. 🙂

  2. Can you get a copy of recent account info from your bank? Ooh, I see someone already had that idea.

    I'm embarassed to share how many times I've had to check the trash for things while in one of my purging frenzies…

  3. OH NO!

    That sounds like something I would do! I have thrown away important things in a fit of cleaning and organizing, too.

    Poor Mary. I hope your bank can help you out.

  4. Oh no! I have on-line checking too, which is not a total substitute for a brain, but it helps.

  5. Ohhhh, feeling your pain. That is COMPLETELY the sort of thing I would do. The other day we got an important piece of mail from the IRS and I trashed it without even opening it–Hubs had to dig through the trash for it and was NOT particularly happy.

  6. Oh no Mary!

  7. on-line checking. one of my many lifesavers.

  8. This is why I switched to online banking, for some reason I would either loose my register or forget to fill it on or something.

    We've all been there, you get that urge to clean and end up getting rid of stuff you shouldn't LOL

  9. Oh, no!

    Good grief… if I had a dime for all the times I've done something like that, well … I might be able to retire.

  10. Check book registers are a pain, so I have switched to Quicken. Love, love, love having it on the computer. No preference for quicken over any other electronic finance program, quicken just came with the computer.

    Good luck recreating it. I hope it goes well.

  11. Yipes!! {{hugs}}

  12. Oh, dear!

    This is one reason that we always get duplicate checks and now we do only online banking. That and my DH is a computer GEEK big time (it's his job and he comes home and plays on his own computer!)

  13. The good thing is it's only a month– and I already got my bank statement for February. So really I just have to refigure March, then double-check it against the March statement when it comes in a couple weeks. I think I'll survive….

    Mary the brainless

  14. So, SO sorry!!!! I see you are looking at the "bright side" that it's "only a month" – good for you! I don't know that I'd be so quick to think that way!!!

  15. Oh, feeling your pain, but wasn't the fire wondefully cozy and warm? 😉

  16. Yikes… so sorry! Sounds like something I would do. I feel your pain and frustration!

  17. OH, I feel your pain. Sounds like something I would do. good luck with that project.