All Owlhaven, All The Time.

OK, so I stayed up way too late last night playing with something I found on The tales of Mama D. It is an The Advertising Slogan Generator . You type in your name or the name of your blog, and it plugs your name into popular slogans in the past. Here are some of the ones that made me giggle the most. See if you can figure out what the slogans originally advertised.

1. There Ain’t No Party Like An Owlhaven Party. (more on that tomorrow)

2. Choosy Mothers Choose Owlhaven. (seriously thinking about adding this to my blog header)
3. A Day Without Owlhaven is Like a Day Without Sunshine. (so visit me every day!)
4. Good to the Last Owlhaven.
5. Kids Will Do Anything For Owlhaven (hah, I wish!)
6. There’s Only One Owlhaven.
7. Top Breeders Recommend Owlhaven. (this one made me snort–with 8 kids it kinda fits– it would be kinda funny on my header)
8. Nobody Better Lay a Finger on my Owlhaven.(this is what my hubby says)
9. With A Name Like Owlhaven, It Has To Be Good. (another contender for my header)
So, how many slogans did you recognize??


  1. That was fun! I may post some up at my blog someday, but for now, I'll share my favorite with you:

    I Think, Therefore Hiraeth.

    You like?

  2. 1) Haven't any idea
    2) Jif Peanut Butter
    3) Orange Juice (no clue what brand)
    4) the Last Drop of Maxwell House coffee
    5) um, I dunno?
    6) I'm Glad there's only One Owlhaven
    7) Top Breeders–my mind'e eye keeps seeing a huge dog running across the tv screen, so it must be dog food
    8) Butterfinger candy bar
    9) Name of Smucker's jams and jelly

    I'd say you have too much time at your keyboard, but here I sit racking my brain. I'll admit I have resisted the urge to hit a few Google sites.
    Thanks for a few grins!

  3. Fun!

  4. nice! i'm totally headed over there to sloganize.