From The 3 Year Old (of course!)

“Mommy, I put some chapstick on yesterday. But you can’t see it any more because it got mixed up with my drool.”


  1. What a profound statement!!!! and what a beautiful girl!

  2. Ha!! That's some longlastin chapstick! (my boys call it Boy Lipstick)

  3. Now if that ain't sweetness personified!! My dear Mama would have said, "She's cute as a bug's ear!!" 🙂

  4. She's a lovely child.

  5. HA! Too funny.

    She's gorgeous!

  6. cutie.

  7. Oh what a doll!

  8. She is just so cute!

  9. Ha!!

    What a doll, by the way!

  10. LOL!!!

  11. Honest girl! : ) And she's absolutely beautiful!!!!