Template Fun

So tell me, which do you prefer: the current template or this one? I think I’m getting tired of the orange. However, I can’t decide if the new look is ‘IT’ or if should just tone down the hues on this current one. Give me some feedback, K? (And yup, I constantly rearrange my house too.)


  1. I agree about the orange, but the new one is WAY bright. Regardless of the template, I'll be back often. The content is great!!

  2. Autumn colors are my favorites (which is why we had an October wedding) so I'll have to say I like the orange. And the baby owls must stay, no matter what! Adorable!

    After about 3 visits, tho, I wouldn't be able to tell you what color is the background. I guess by then I have learned to look at the content.

    The only thing my bifocals don't like is white letters on black background. I rarely read all the way to the end in one sitting on those blogs.

  3. I like the green one, the little bird houses are cute.

  4. I'm going to have to vote for this one because,despite several attempts, the other one didn't load right for me. I didn't get to see the bird houses. Waaaaahhh….

  5. Dildn't load for me, either. I use Firefox.

  6. I think I'm partial to the green and yellow.

  7. i like the header with the yellow and green – sooo cute. but not all the white background. maybe that could be a pale yellow or something? can't believe you're able to do this sort of stuff. very cool.

  8. Cindy up the road ; says:

    I like how easy the orange is on the eyes. I love the owls. But, I also love the flowers in owlhaven on the other one, it's just bright. Also made an observation that there are two more baby owls in your header than kids in your family….. are you hinting at something?