My Hundredth Post!!!

OK, I’m a little embarrassed at how quickly I made it to my hundredth post, but in time-honored blogger tradition, here are

(In no particular order)
1. I grew up the oldest of 8 kids.
2. I grew up a preacher’s kid.
3. My elementary school (K-8) consisted of about 20 pupils and was taught by my dad.
4. I can speed read.
5. I type with 2 fingers on each hand and I‘m good at it.
6. I have 5 younger sisters.
7. Both my brothers make their livings as computer gurus.
8. I was 17 when I met my hubby in Precalculus class.
9. I’ve been married half my life.
10. I spent one month of my life as a pregnant (married) teenager.
11. I’m left-handed.
12. Two of my children are left handed too, included one of my adopted kids.
13. I read the entire Tolkien series at least 5 times as a teenager.
14. Two months after I got my license, I drove my parent’s van cross-country pulling a travel trailer.
15. One year as a kid I went snow-skiing 17 times.
16. I am ridiculously fond of getting the mail.
17. I fight with my daughters for the privilege.
18. Maybe we should get out of the house more.
19. I love sushi, lasagna, and sardines.
20. I’ve been to Disneyland and Disneyworld.
21. I’ve been to the top of the St. Louis Arch.
22. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.
23. I’ve seen Cape Canaveral.
24. I’ve been to Ethiopia twice.
25. I’ve been to Korea twice.
26. I’ve been to London, Cairo, Jordan, and Frankfurt–at the airport, anyway.
27. I attended the 2002 Winter Olympics in SLC with hubby and 6 kids. It was awesome!
28. I love yard-saling
29. I worked in OB as a registered nurse for 10 years.
30. I have delivered about 30 babies by myself (pokey doctors/speedy mamas!)
31. My mom and my sister are nurses too.
32. I knew I’d be a nurse even at age 5 when I founded a doll’s ‘Poke-Eye Hospital’ named after a sadly-injured doll.
33. I like to prune trees. Very much to my husband’s dismay.
34. I have a plate and 5 screws in my left arm from falling off a horse and breaking my arm 5 years ago.
35. I do not beep due to the metal when going through airport security.
36. I broke my wrist the next year.
37. I was very cranky about it.
38. I was maid-of-honor twice during the same pregnancy
39. I have an BAD book-buying obsession.
40. So much so that my hubby is currently building me more bookshelves.
41. I learned to drive stick-shift on a green 1959 Chevy pickup named “Hiyahowa”
42. My first car was a white AMC Hornet
43. My current car is a black 15 passenger van.
44. Each of our 3 vehicles has a stroller stashed in the back of it.
45. I have been fingerprinted 8 times (for adoptions!)
46. I still have my manger scene up. Actually, two. Yes, from Christmas.
47. I used to tease my mom for doing the same thing.
48. I’ve had 3 computers since 1996.
49. There are 4 working computers in our home right now (knock on wood.)
50. My favorite candy bar is either Butterfingers or Mounds.
51. Or Reeses.
52.I was in a Junior Miss Pageant when I was 17.
53. I read “The Silver Chair” by CS Lewis 7 times when I was a kid.
54. I once worked at McDonalds but quit when the boss tried to pinch me where he shouldn’t have.
55. I worked at a car wash one summer and learned the names of all the cars.
56. I worked at a fabric store but spent my paycheck on fabric as fast as I made it.
57. I still love to sew when I get the chance.
58. I once owned a gift basket business.
59. I love to cook as long as I don’t have to clean up.
60. I cook most of our food from scratch.
61. I’ve bought about a dozen Happy Meals in my whole life. Yeah, weird mom, deprived kids. Get over it.
62. I can cook Ethiopian and Korean food along with most ordinary US cuisine.
63. I spend about $600-$700 a month for groceries
64. I had Merry Maids come to my house once.
65. I wish I could get them to come back without having to fork over the dough.
66. I get my frugal gene from my German grandma who is in heaven now.
67. I am typing at this moment with two kids on my lap.
68. Usually I only have one kid on my lap while typing.
69. Almost all my computer time happens while my baby naps in my arms or after she’s asleep for the night.
70. My baby is showing signs that she may soon be going from two naps to one nap in a day.
71. This saddens me.
72. I love self-help books and quizzes.
73. My ‘love language’ is Acts of Service.
74. I’m an INTJ, (I think)
75. I’ve homeschooled my kids for 11 years.
76. When I got my new ring last week, I almost got in a car wreck while admiring it.
77. I love garlic and hot peppers.
78. I have a story published in a “Chicken Soup” book.
79. Early on in my writing career, I wrote a murder mystery.
80. It was rejected by all the finest publishers.
81. My mom, however, swore it was wonderful. (Thanks, mom!)
82. I survived natural childbirth FOUR times!! (Thanks partly to my mom!)
83. I was in labor for 34 hours with my first baby.
84. My first child was born three months before I got out of nursing school.
85. I brought her to lectures and sat in the back of class nursing her and taking notes.
86. I was able to breastfeed all my bio kids and some of my adopted kids.
87. It’s OK if you think that’s weird. My babies and I did not.
88. I studied German for 3 years and completed the entire 2-CD course of Rosetta Stone Korean.
89. Last summer I spent 27 (non-consecutive) days camping with 8 kids, a hubby and a dog (travel trailer, toilet, shower, microwave–don’t feel too sorry for me.).
90. I have at least one scrapbook for each of my 8 children.
91. I take at least a hundred pictures of my kids each month.
92. My favorite book on adoption is “Attaching In Adoption” by Deborah Gray.
93. One of my favorite parenting books is, “Hold On To Your Kids” by Gordon Neufeld.
94. My kids say you’ll think I’m weird after you read this, but say they’re used to me.
95. My son says too many of these sentences begin with ‘I” (But isn’t that what this list is all about?)
96. I saved the best stuff about me till last.
97. I am blessed with 8 beautiful children.
98. I would love more children if finances and my hubby are favorable at the same time someday.
99. I have the best hubby in the world.
100. I’m only a sinner saved by God’s grace.


  1. Woo Hoo, you actually did 100…I had trouble with 13! I'm so impressed (not with the list with you!) btw…I voted for you! What a blessing you are to so many. Thanks for coming by!

  2. These are great! I feel like I know you so much better now – and tell your kids that's a good thing. The only thing that I thought was weird was the fast 4 fingered typing. I just can't picture that, but it's funny!

  3. I found your blog through Big Yellow House! I'm glad I did!

  4. You go girl!!! I hadn't made it your way yet- I've done good at my goals! I'm a lefty too! You mean I have to get finger printed again (first 2 times for teaching) when we start the adoption process- I always feel like a convict- my kiddo asked if I was, ha ha! Congrat's on the 100th post!!

  5. Great job!!!!!! Great list! 🙂

  6. love that neocounter thing!

  7. Thanks for telling us so much about yourself! I loved your list. I'm a lefty too, and I also fight with my daughters so I can get the mail. I don't get out enough!

  8. Thanks for telling us so much about yourself! I loved your list. I'm a lefty too, and I also fight with my daughters so I can get the mail. I don't get out enough!

  9. I made my 100 this week and didn't even realise it LOL
    Great list 🙂 I am another lefty, only one of my four is, my oldest daughter.

  10. Oh, Mary you make me smile. How fun!!

  11. #28. Oooo, yard sales… Those are coming up again now, aren't they?

    Great list!

  12. 100 posts – yay!!! I've still not reached that milestone yet.

  13. congratulations, way to go!!

  14. I'm not even sure I can count to 100 anymore. I know I did it when I was a kid…

    Great list, Mary! Sorry about all those broken bones.

  15. Mary – I really like you! You are truly blessed, but a true blessing as well.;D

  16. That's amazng you breast fed your adopted children. No, I don't think it's weird I think it's wonderful.

  17. Mary–

    So nice to learn more about you!

    We are a camping family too–also with travel trailer, microwave, etc. Oh, and I am also a former AMC Hornet driver! My dad owned it, but that was my ride when my husband and I first started dating in college. Like you, we now drive a 15 passenger van (white).

    Happy 100th! How did you know? Do you have a counter or did you just…count?

  18. Mary, I laugh so much reading your blogs–they make the 2am-4am part of my work go much faster 🙂 I'm so blessed to have such an inspiring and wonderful (not to mention FUN!) big sis 🙂

  19. So cool…German background, even more cool…
    Sprechen Sie noch etwas Deutsch?

  20. Finally! Someone who I KNOW can give me some good advice that will actually help me! First, I loved reading your 100 and was curious as to how you were able to breastfeed your adopted babies? Wow! Cool! Next I want to know how you feed everyone on $600-$700 per month. Mine is $800 and I only have six. My Mom was a microwave cooking, always too busy with work kind of Mom, so I am left in the dark on how to feed everyone that cheaply! Anyways, I think your cool and I hope you visit me and if you have time maybe even e-mail me! Thanks!

  21. Hi Mary,
    I loved learning more about you in these 100 things — wow! I know what you mean about typing with small children all around. At least we have lots of writing material — haha! What Chicken Soup book are you in? I came here via Nicki's Living in My Mind blog. You have an amazing bundle of energy to raise 8 children! 🙂

  22. this was so much fun reading this and getting to know you….Loved it….what a beautiful family you have…thanks for visiting my blog…

  23. Love the list!

  24. That is cool with 8 kids how do you find the time to do this it is amazing almost as amazing as my most dear mom

  25. I feel like I know you a little after reading all that. I think I'll subscribe to your blog. It's awesome from what I've read.

  26. That is one great 100 list.

  27. You are so neat, Mary! I didn't think anything to said was weird – ESPECIALLY breastfeeding your adopted babies. If I ever adopted and infant, I would definitely give it a shot – and I bf'd two babies, tandem nursed and LONG TERM (I won't say how long; people get wigged out). I'm so glad I found your blog! 🙂

  28. What a wonderful and amazing "HEADER"…

  29. Great list…

  30. Mary and John, nice listing and good blog, God bless you! Wish I can handle that many children. Good to find you online, will come back.

  31. Mary, you inspire me so much! I've been browsing your blogs today, in awe of how you mother so many children, and homeschool them to boot!

    This list was so much fun. I used the idea on my blog today and borrowed a lot of your topics. I only copied one: "I am ridiculously fond of getting the mail." 🙂 I AM TOO!

    I'll probably keep checking in, as my husband and I are praying about adopting right now. Thanks for all your insight!

  32. Wonderful list! I'm writing mine right now! And I'm an adoptive mama with 2 kids born in Korea as well 🙂

  33. Wow! I wish I could type while I hold my six month old, but he is too squirmy and tries to type words for me. 🙂 I either write when he is napping or late at night (and I mean late. He goes to bed around 10:30-11:00 most nights). I think I'll make a list of 50 once I hit 50 posts. I don't think I could come up with 100 things all at once.

  34. I enjoyed reading your story. Please join our minister's kid community at!


  35. I am a stay at home mother of three. I have a dog, 11 fish, and a wonderful husband. My children are 8, almost 4 and 2&1/2. You are an inspiration to weary moms! Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips! Keep them coming! Bravo for breastfeeding your adopted children! Found your site by looking on CBS news to catch up on current events, recalls, and frugal or timesaving tips! Gotta run! Thanks again! Keep up the blogs!

  36. What a great idea for a post!

  37. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful post and I am so glad I stumbled upon it. A mother to 10 kids, nursing, writing – you are one impressive woman, mother and wife. Congratulations, you have inspired me no end…Keep it up! 🙂

  38. How fun! And for the record, I think it’s wonderful that you were able to breastfeed your adopted children!

  39. Oh! I totally love your list! And…we have so much in common. 🙂

    * I met my husband in high school math class (Algebra II).
    * I can speed read.
    * I type in an unconventional way (with only one hand!).
    * My first job was at McDonalds at age 16. I quit for a similar reason…
    * I’ve never bought a Happy Meal for my kids.
    * I had both of my girls naturally.
    * I breastfed both of them (and I am still nursing my 15-month-old).
    * My husband & I hope to have more kids.