Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

This morning I realized my bathroom and bedroom looked like a disaster area. So, with the able assistance of my 3 and 1 year olds, I went around straightening up. Made the bed while the baby pulled the phone off the hook and attempted to call China.

Blessedly, the dial-tone sound alerted me before actual bills were incurred. While I was prying the phone away from the now screaming and writhing baby, the three year old begins jumping on the bed, removing all traces of the fresh bed-making.

I decide at this point that the bedroom is as good as it is going to get, and I move into the bathroom. The three year old continues to jump on the bed while singing a made-up song about the beauty of her matching green shorts and shirt. (Please do not ask why she is wearing shorts in February. Also do not ask the temperature today.)

I begin to straighten the bathroom counters while the baby pulls things out of the drawers. I discover while straightening up that that sometime this morning my contact case has gotten tipped over and my contacts are now drying on the counter. Rinse them off with the last dab of contact solution in the can. Stick the contacts back in the case, hoping they won’t give me a terrible eye infection the next time I put them in. Can’t find one of the caps to the contact case, so decide there is not point putting the other cap on.

Wipe down the mostly-straightened counter, accidentally knocking over the contact case again in my wiping. Both contacts are once again on the counter. Decide the contacts are probably now too gross to use again and throw them away. Besides, I’m out of contact solution. Find the second lid to the case on the floor– alright!

Notice that the baby’s hair hasn’t been done since yesterday and is now in desperate need of a combing. When I begin the comb-out, the three year old immediately asks me where we are going (as if I never comb their hair otherwise, a patent untruth.) ‘Nowhere’, I say , ‘I just want her to look like someone is taking care of her.’ ‘Who is taking care of her?’ the 3 yr old asks, puzzled. Guess I don’t count.

I get the baby’s hair combed and pony tailed and then turn to sorting loose ponytail holders into the appropriate compartments of the hair-stuff tackle box (I strive for organization– it just keeps running away from me). While I am thusly occupied, the baby pulls the ponytail out and briskly runs both hands through her hair to remove all traces of the combing.

Decide everything is as good as it is going to get. Collect both children before they can mess anything else up, and leave, trying not to trip on the way out. Go get another cup of coffee and drink it while contemplating the joys of housework.


  1. Don't you wonder some days why we even try? Sorry you had such a day but comforting to know I'm not the only one out there with such days. Rest, kick back, and try again another day.

    Hey, by the way… I've added you to one of my fav's!

  2. Been there, done that.

    Day after day after day after…

  3. Oh! Your two little girls are SO cute! I could just gobble them right up!

  4. I only have one right now and yes… that sounds sadly familiar! LOL!


  5. My daughter used to phone 111 for emergency when she was two. Every day. Thank God we didnt have to actually call 111 for real. Or they probably wouldn't have belived us.

  6. This reminds me of a song called "What a beautiful mess I'm in".

  7. Michele sent me to see you.

    I am so incapable of parenting. Thank God I don't have any kids. I just would freak at a morning like that. Your kids (8?!) are so lucky that you've got the patience that I lack.

  8. But they're sooo cute!

  9. But they’re sooo cute!

  10. i think you need some ACME jet-powered roller skates to keep up with them. heh heh

  11. Here from Michele.
    Bless you my child.
    I only had one and she was a real handful at times. Thankfully, she's almost 20 and in college.
    Your kids are adorable.

  12. Oh, don't waste time contmplating the joy in housework. There is none. There is a certain amount of joy in a clean sparkling house, but I've never yet found much in the work trying to get there. Where the joy lies (and you already know this. It shows!) is in your precious children. What you're doing with them is wonderful and worth the effort.

    Bless you all!

  13. the "where are we going" and "who's taking care of her" comments cracked me up! that's my house with my 3 littles…

  14. Your girls are so cute! And there are days like that. I love the calling China!

  15. Keeping the house neat with small children around is really a losing battle. Hey, at least you tried. 🙂

    On phones and kids: My son called 911 by accident when he was about one or two. And yes, the police came. Of course, I didn't know anything about it until I saw the cops peering in the living room window. When I told them my son had probably pressed the buttons accidentally when he was carrying the phone, the police officers still wanted to take a look inside the house to make sure I wasn't really in trouble. Needless to say, I never let the kiddo near the phone again! ;^)

  16. They are beautiful! Somedays are just so like that. I have them more often than I'd like.