Narnia– finally!

Finally took the kids to see Narnia yesterday afternoon– all except the 3 yr old, that is, who spent the afternoon at grandma’s. We chose the mid afternoon showing, hoping that the baby would nap during the movie. Sure enough, she did, except for about 10 minutes at the start and half an hour at the end. I was glad she was so good, because I liked the movie way more than I thought I would, and was glad I didn’t have to take her out.

The kids thought it was awesome. As we were walking out, the teenagers suggested buying more tickets and going to the next showing. We opted to wait til it comes out on video– according to WendyWings , that is happening April 4th! Great movie– I’m glad we went to see it while it was still in the theater. As nice as it is to have a good movie on DVD, there’s nothing like the big screen for your first viewing of it.

What have you seen lately in the theater that you’ve enjoyed?


  1. OHHH i want to see it! Was it like the book?


  2. There were a few things that were definitely 'creative-license', but overall they were really respectful of the book. One of the reasons I hadn't expected to like it was because I was afraid they'd butcher it, but they did really well with it.

  3. We liked Narnia, too. It was fairly close to the book.

    We've seen Nanny McPhee, which we all really enjoyed!

  4. We saw Narnia right before Christmas and loved it. Our kids role-played the movie around the house for weeks following. We just saw Nanny McPhee as well. It was a pleasant surprise.

  5. I have a complete breakdown of what will be on the DVD listed as well Mary 🙂
    so glad you enjoyed it,
    keep watching my blog. I am going to "professor kirkes" house in a couple of weeks.
    The house where the exteriors were shot at least LOL