Ring Around The…TV?

We’ve just introduced the baby to the delights of “Ring Around The Rosy”. She will go til I’m dizzy and my knees are complaining from too much “all fall down.” Thankfully she has siblings who are still willing to play even after her momma quits.

This afternoon the four youngest were going round and round. Then I reminded the 3 year old to put away a toy. Ever-so-reluctantly she left the circle of fun to comply with my request. But as she ran to obey she hollered back over her shoulder, “Pause it!”

Ya think she’s watched too many videos?


  1. Just found your site. What beautiful children! And "Pause it!" is TOO CUTE!!

  2. Mary, don't feel bad! My kids say this ALL the time, lol! We don't have "TV" either–just dvds, so whenever they have to interrupt a game they call out "pause the game!"

    They also get upset when watching TV while visiting Grandma and find that REAL TV doesn't "pause" for you ("yes, dear, that's what commercials are for…")

  3. That is too funny. Love the pictures.

  4. I love it. Your family looks awesome. I found you by way of the Laundry Lady. I have always wanted to adopt from Africa but have never seen a successful adoption. How did you do it?? Let me know if you have time.

  5. How fun!!! Uh-oh about the doors, LOL!

  6. how cute!! (she is so sweet in her little pink pants, too)